Thursday, July 26, 2012

A tea and toast set for fall

Many of you, I have observed, have teawares for every season of the year. I, sadly, do not. If it's spring or Valentine's Day or anything pink-related I'm all set, but when it comes to fall, I simply haven't found very many pretty things in fall colors and patterns. Until now!

OK, so it's just one measly little tea and toast set. Still, when I came across this set recently I knew I had to have it.

Aren't these mums? The gold and mauve colors are *perfect* for fall, which can't get here fast enough. So now, to have enough for a tea party of four, I just need to find three more of these sets.

Or really, two and a half, since the seller included an extra cup. The pieces are unmarked, but I figured if I put the word out, perhaps one of you will spot another of these sets in a shop or online one day and remember me with a shopping alert!


  1. Oh, how pretty! Yes, that would transition to fall quite well, and I'm ready for that transition, thank you very much! Come on, cooler weather! Anyway, if I see one I will snag it.

  2. Exceptionally beautiful! I love the shape, glaze, colors, AND design!

    LaTeaDah from Gracious Hospitality

  3. My eyes will be watching, though I don't think I have seen anything quite like this pretty set. Just lovely!

  4. I love the gold on the cup rims, so pretty. The only "fall" tea cup I have is one with apples and fall colored leaves on it.

  5. If anyone can find more of these it will be you or your mom! Good luck! It's lovely and perfect for fall.

  6. So pretty, Angela! I will be on a 'shoppers alert,' if I see anything in these colors. Joanie


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