Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tea bargains at Big Lots

Big Lots is second only to Dollar Tree among "Places I Like to Shop Because Everything is so Cheap." Big Lots' prices are for the most part so rock-bottom, it's a great place to go for cheap luxuries like new teas to try! Since I hadn't yet tried the Arizona Iced Tea with Raspberry Flavor, and this huge (23-ounce) can was just 75 cents, this went in my cart. The mammoth-size cans are a bit much, but I really enjoyed the refreshing raspberry taste of this drink. Earlier in the day I'd ordered some raspberry tea in a restaurant and the flavor was very weak. This one wasn't.

I don't believe I've ever seen a bottled version of yerba maté, that tea-like beverage favored by Argentine cowboys. Yerba maté is a beverage you sometimes see in the tea section of larger grocery stores, and this Agave Maté is made by Rob's Really Good. This drink, alas, was a disappointment. I like yerba maté, and I like agave nectar, but this drink just tasted like honey-flavored water. Cute packaging, but ... even for the bargain price of 75 cents, I didn't really care for it.

And finally, this Twinings Green Tea & Mint is a very smooth and especially minty mint, and I like that it's made with the green tea. The price was certainly right, and now I'm keeping these teabags in my desk at work. Overall, not bad results for my $2.50 investment in tea tasting!


  1. At those prices, you just could not pass them up! :-)

  2. Yum, I'll be looking for some of that green tea with mint!

  3. I've found the Twinings Green Tea with Mint at my local salvage grocery store a few times. It makes delicious iced tea (since I don't have a bed of fresh mint!). I've never tried the Arizona iced tea, but maybe I will now that you've recommended it.

  4. I too have built up quite a tea chest
    by snagging tea bargains at Big Lots!
    One year I hoarded quite a few boxes of Twinings Christmas Tea from Big


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