Monday, September 12, 2011

A new style of cup and saucer

So tell me, have you seen this style of cup and saucer before?

My husband and I just got back from spending a few days in Orange Beach, and while there one day we traveled over to Fairhope, the beautiful little town on Mobile Bay we first visited a few years ago. I went back in Downtown Antiques since I'd had luck finding some tea goodies there before. I had not even closed the door before this unusual little cup and saucer set caught my eye. Is that a tray or a saucer? It's kind of rectangular.

I studied it for a moment. Yes, that "saucer" was definitely wider than it was tall.

Lifting the cup, I saw that indeed there was an indentation off to one side. How unique! There were actually two of these sets, and though they were just $15 a set (which I thought was fair), I didn't like the other design as well so I left it. I hope I don't regret that!

Royal Stuart. OK. But all my snack sets, or what I've called snack sets, have those larger, luncheon-sized plates with indentations, about 8 inches or so in diameter. This one's saucer is 5-3/4 inches tall and 6-3/4 inches wide, just the right size for a cookie or two Dove chocolates. But is this called a "snack set" too? Can any of you learned ladies help me out here?

The next day while the DH watched college football, I went to three antique malls, four thrift stores, one indoor flea market and an outlet mall and didn't buy a thing, so I'm glad I'd already found my souvenir of this fun trip to the beach!


  1. I have a four of what the seller called tea & biscuit sets in amber depression glass. The saucer/plate is oval and the indentation for the cup is set to one side. I don't know if that is a genuine term or whether the dealer made it up. I have never seen the term used in any of my teaware books or online. But I like the term. Tea and biscuit set. It seems so apt, so right to descripe a saucer meant to hold one or two dainty tidbits.

  2. I've never seen one like that but it looks like a great idea. "Tea and Biscuit set" seems an appropriate description.

  3. I like the name "Tea and Biscuit Set" as well! Thanks for the helpful info!

  4. Beautiful set, Angela! I've seen them in depression glass and as pieces that go with punch bowls -
    never in bone china. Love your photo of the beach, looks so peaceful. Joanie

  5. They pretty well are referred to as tea and biscuit or tea and cake sets. They were never as popular in the US as the snack or luncheon setts were. English sets were in several sizes and shapes and were more popular there. I think they're very practical and that is such a pretty set!

  6. Ruth is the expert who I refer to when I have a question about English china, so I will vote with her answer. And, a pretty set it is!

  7. Love seeing the peak of the beach. Really like the new snack set. What a fun shape for just tea and a cookie or piece of candy. I would use it often with my muffin in the mornings. "Tea and Biscuit Set" is indeed a perfect name for it.

  8. I have never seen this but will for sure keep my eye out! This is why I love opens me up to so many different things during the hunt! Thanks! (I think one of my kolaches would go very nice on that saucer!)

  9. Your new tea and biscuit set is beautiful. What a great souvenir from your beach trip.


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