Thursday, September 22, 2011

The gift of blueberries

Quite without realizing it, this has been a week of tea tastings for me. The latest cup is full of a new blueberry tea I'd never had before.

A friend who is from Maine brought me back this souvenir after a recent trip to her home state, and I must say this Cape Shore tea is the blueberriest of the blueberry teas I've tried yet. Absolutely fruity from first sip to last, and I loved it!

I also got some yummy blueberry soap. I am maine-ly very happy with both treats!


  1. Haven't had blueberry tea before. Sounds lovely! It's always fun to try new ones...and that's a new one on me!

  2. Funny that you are maine-ly blueberried. The soap particularly sounds delightful.

  3. The blueberry tea sounds delicious...I'm a big fan of blueberries; eat them everyday.

    Perfect teacup for your tea...Very pretty.

  4. Enjoy your new tea. It sounds delicious.

  5. What beautiful photos, Angela - I love the different shades of blue.
    The artwork on the packaging is so pretty. Enjoy, Joanie


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