Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Passion Fruit Peach Tea with Stevia

Since iced tea season is winding down in my neck of the woods, I'm also winding down my samplings of the various powdered tea mixes for the year. While at the beach over the weekend, I found this great Passion Fruit Peach Tea at a Walmart Market. (I really liked this Walmart that was *just* a grocery store, by the way. So much smaller and easier to whip through!)

This drink mix is low-calorie, not no calorie, but at just 30 calories for a whole bottle of water flavored with this mix, I think those 30 calories are worth it.

The sweeteners in this drink mix are interesting: cane syrup solids and Stevia extract. I'm not sure if it's the sweeteners that made this such a refreshingly fruity drink, I just know I thoroughly enjoyed it!


  1. Oh my, you are a brave tea taster! :-)) Apparently I am a tea snob! :-))

  2. Sounds like a nice product. Nice to see things without artificial sweeter, but lower in calories.

  3. I love drink mixes. I mix them in a quart jar instead of a bottle of water. I think they're too strong in a 16 ounce bottle. In the jar I can put a lid on it & keep it in the fridge to drink on.

    I haven't seen this flavor yet, I'll be watching for it in my store.


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