Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Teapot storage solutions

This great twiggy teapot, which is the size of a real one, has been sitting on my coffee table ever since my friend Deberah gave it to me for Christmas. I think it's so lovely and natural looking, and I even kept the raffia bow on top since it seems a little more festive that way. The teapot lid is hinged and opens, and I spent quite a few days trying to decide just what would be the perfect use for this piece.

Meanwhile, the coffee table top it was sitting on began to take on ever more accessories. During winter, I find that this table near my couch gets increasingly cluttered with stuff. There's the USB gadget I use for downloading photos, which stays out pretty much all the time, but also seasonal necessities like an extra pair of needlework scissors (since I'm working on more projects during winter), hand cream (since the cold does a number on my skin) and lip balm. (Anybody else a lifelong fan of LipSmackers? Dr. Pepper has been a favorite since junior high.)

I was mulling over a storage solution for all this stuff when it suddenly struck me that I had a lovely solution right at my fingertips, literally. I had a china teapot in that spot on the coffee table before, and it, too, would have been a great hiding spot for my wintertime stash. But I sure am glad I got this twiggy one too -- and I don't have to worry about it breaking!


  1. How clever you are! And that is such a lovely gift. Now, I'll be looking for clever ways to hide my clutter!

  2. Your twiggy teapot is a great storage solution for your tabletop. I love gifts that are pretty, as well as functional.

  3. I never really thought of using a teapot, twiggy or otherwise, for storage of stuff! Your twiggy teapot is very unique.

  4. What a clever storage spot for all those little things.

  5. What a cute teapot! And what a great idea to use it for storage. And if you've found a great hand cream, please share the name. Between these unusually cold weeks we are having and washing my hands a lot due to diaper changes I need a new hand cream.


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