Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Teas near and far

There is so much tea at my house thanks to all those tea tastings, I really can't say I'll *need* any for quite some time. At the beach, however, there is a small market I like to visit because it always has interesting sandwiches (the fig, prosciutto and provolone cheese one would make a great tea sandwich) and teas from around the world, among other good things. I have greatly enjoyed this Passionfruit Mango green tea from Teekanne, a German company. I've been enjoying it iced, and it is so delicious! One panel of the box has a photo of tennis star Steffi Graf, who calls these "my favorite teas!"

And when I saw this Twinings Pomegranate Delight black tea in the black box, I knew this was a Twinings blend from the U.K. Twinings has the flavor exactly right. A lot of the pomegranate drinks and teas I've tried tend to be a bit twangy, but this one wasn't. If you like a subtle pomegranate flavor, this would be the tea to try.

While on the road, I also tried two new flavors of Snapple bottled tea. This Asian Pear green tea was just terrific, and it really did taste like pears.

I was even more pleased with this Green Apple white tea. I happen to like the sour flavor that generally passes for "apple flavored," but this tea really did taste like the juice of a Granny Smith apple. I was surprised and pleased that the taste was so perfect!

Finally, I haven't taken photos inside the stores, but I have noticed some convenience stores are now offering carbonated or "sparkling" teas ... at the soda fountain! Now isn't that an interesting twist. So next time you take to the road, be sure to look for new teas, and please let me know where you find them!


  1. Enjoyed the reviews. Boy could I use some of that "energizing" tea!!!

  2. Oh, I miss the beach and can't wait to go back. The gulf coast is where I am from originally and would love to go back for a long, long stay.
    The Snapple Teas sound so good, can't wait to try them. Have a wonderful stay.

  3. They all sound good. Maybe I can find that (yummy sounding) Green Apple white tea when we head to Orlando later this month.

  4. Isn't travel and tea the best. Searching out a tearoom or a new tea in the market, all are so fun! I am planning on doing that we I leave for my travels 3 weeks from today.

  5. All the teas sound great. I normally don't like bottled teas but these sound good.

  6. Great reviews! I have noticed that QT Gas Stations have some tea options, on their soda bar. They also have introduced some new deli items that are delicious, including cheddar and turkey sandwiches on a 'berry-wheat bread,' and chocolate-studded brownie bars...yum! Thanks for your beach update - looks wonderful! (ps: you are a great photographer, as well as a great writer!) Joanie

  7. I have to agree that Snapple does a pretty good bottled tea. I'm not surprised to see good reviews of their flavors. And I'm interested in the sparkling teas offered at convenience store fountains now. I'll look for these here in St Paul. --Spirituality of Tea


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