Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sampling some new green teas

Do you have a Whole Foods store near you? The company is really missing out by not locating one here in Newnan, because I know so many people who would shop there. Since I was near one over the weekend, I took the opportunity to run in and check out the tea selection. I truly don't need any more loose tea or bagged tea for months, so I made some selections from the bottled and canned tea section of the store. And what a selection they had!

It didn't hit me until I got home that I actually chose all green tea drinks. Isn't that interesting, since before this year I didn't think I really cared for green tea? Now canned tea is probably my least favorite way to have tea - a bottle is simply more aesthetically appealing - but I have to say this peach flavored green tea variety of Steaz Organic Iced Tea was absolutely delicious! I've gotten pretty picky about my "peach" flavors in food and drink, but I halfway expected to find a peach pit in the bottom of the can. Unbelievably good and authentic tasting!

This Mango Green Tea from Sweet Leaf appealed to me because of the fun (and funny!) graphics. It was delicious and had a great but subtle mango flavor.

And I must confess I don't much care for the flavored "waters" I've tried, but I had to try the 365 (Whole Foods brand) Nutrient Enhanced Water simply because the flavor is "green clari-tea." Love that! I didn't expect this one to taste too good, so I was pleasantly surprised at the nice citrus flavor of this drink. All of these teas are naturally sweetened with organic cane sugar/juice, so if you're someone who doesn't drink the artificially sweetened stuff (and I do), these would be great drinks to try. Now, if Whole Foods would simply come to my town!


  1. I agree. I would love to see a Whole Foods here and how!

  2. My WF is about 30 minutes away and it's rare I head in that direction but I will remeber that can of peach tea.
    Lurve peach tea!

  3. They all look good. Wish there was a Whole Foods store near me, but I'll be on the lookout for other sources.


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