Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Vintage find: Teapot potholder patterns

My mom, aunt and I were out shopping over the weekend and didn't find a thing we liked. When the three of us can hit a T.J. Maxx and More and Marshall's and leave empty handed during clearance season, you know something is wrong. Fortunately, one of our favorite antique malls, The Classy Flea in Marietta, turned up several great and thrifty finds, including these vintage pattern booklets (just $1 apiece), each of which has a pattern for a great teapot potholder.

I enjoy crocheting with thread and one day would like to "thread crochet" a whole tablecloth or bedspread, but for now I'll stick with the small stuff. (To any non-crocheters who may be reading: Thread crochet is the type you often see in doilies and pillowcase edgings and such. This type of thread is much finer than the thick, fuzzy yarn like you might use to crochet a pair of slippers.)

And here's a question for you: I want to make one of these potholders for a giveaway, and this is your chance to influence its design. Which of these two patterns do you like best, and what color scheme would you prefer it to be if you won? (That is, beige w/red accents, lime green w/ pink accents, baby blue w/ yellow accents, etc. I have most colors of thread awaiting.) Thanks for helping me out here!


  1. I like the one with Cherries and of course for me it would have to be pink & green! Good luck with it. I've never used thread before with crocheting. You'll have to teach us.

  2. what a cool find! i like the one with the flowered ring around it! i like pink and green also, or yellow and green! whatever you decide is going to be so special and adorable! have fun with it and easgerly anticipate seeing the finished product! thanks for sharing! hugs from leslie at comfrey cottages!

  3. Great patterns. My aunts were taught the fine needle arts by their European mom and used to make a lot of doilies. I remember seeing them as a child; they were quite intricate with stand up ruffles. Sadly, I have no such skills.

    I'd love to win one of your handmade potholders. I like the short, stout design on the right. It looks to be more of a Brown Betty shape. Blue and yellow is one of my favorite color combinations.

  4. I would like to the pink and green. These are really cool!

  5. I too like the one on the right with the cherries. I like the shape better. I would love a cream and green, or yellow and green. Of course, any color would be great!!!

  6. OK. I must be different. I like the beige and red and the tea pot with fruit is nice. Also the cherries (Are those cherries on the teapot?). By the way, I noticed that Michael's has a 70 percent off yarn sale through Saturday. Could be a good time to pick up some thread, unless you are like Angela and have plenty -- then, even 70 percent wouldn't be tempting!


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