Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New gifts for tea lovers

During my trip to the Mart on Friday, I lusted after many a gorgeous teaware, but nothing so magnificent as this amazing teaset chandelier by UK artist Mary Rose Young. Doesn't this just make you smile? I didn't get to see the colorful artist herself, but her representative was kind enough to allow me to snap a photo. Want to see more? Visit maryroseyoung.com, and be sure to check out the cups and mugs. I'm partial to the ones with gold roses and crowns adorning the handles!

Black and white designs are all the rage, and I thought this "Primavera" tea set from Caldo-Freddo was beautiful and elegant. A lot of contemporary designs aren't quite feminine enough for my tastes, but I would be more than happy to host a tea party with this set. If you've been seeing teawares packaged in clear-top hat boxes, this is probably the company behind them. The husband and wife team I met were just lovely, and I look forward to seeing their pieces come on the market.

An idea I think is just brilliant is the concept of a tea mug designed with an accommodation for the teaspoon! As soon as these become available, I want one for the office. I love the way the spoon matches the interior of the mug. The sassy sayings are another plus! Santa Barbara Design Studio was showing these, and they have lots of fun glasses, mugs and other such pieces as well.

Lots of artists seem to be drawn to the tea ritual, and I saw the perfect line of teapots for them! Benaya Art Ceramics really should be seen in person to be appreciated, but this Cafe Au Lait teapot designed by Gary Giese is one I thought you might like to see.

Ever heard of White Lion Tea? I hadn't, but I did enjoy a tasty sample of their iced Cranberry Hibiscus Tea. They have what I think is a particularly clever idea for tea tins that I hope we'll be seeing around: tins in which a business can insert its own card, to be used as a "tea tin picture frame" by the recipient later. Pretty cool, eh!

Do any of these new items appeal to you? If so, which one(s)?


  1. Loved them all but can't see Hubby letting me hang that chandelier!! The mugs w/ spoon holder and sassy sayings would make great"girlfriend" gifts. Market must be such FUN.

  2. Thanks for sharing this new and wild assortment of tea lovers gifts! I raise my cup to the creativity of the artists and those marketing tea related gifts!

  3. Wow - I LOVE that Caldo-Freddo tea set. It is gorgeous!

  4. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful chandelier...and what wonderful items in general. Definite eye candy. Wow!

  5. The Mary Rose Young design reminds me of MacKenzie-Childs - I love it! Thank you for walking us through some of your favorite market finds!

  6. I would hang that chandelier in a minute!!! How many people have something that incredibly unique? I was interested enough to go to her web site and see what the damage would be...

    LOVE IT!!!!

  7. That is so neat that you posted the chandelier. My daughter Kristen & I bought a bunch of old chandeliers and odd tea cup sets this past summer to start making these. But ours were going to be for outside gazebos & porches, etc. and use with candles. Of course those are so much more beautiful than what I was planning.

  8. It must have been such fun seeing all the new tea products. I really liked all your picks, but especially the teaset chandelier. Oh, how I would love to replace my nondescript kitchen fixture with this dazzling piece.


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