Wednesday, August 15, 2018

September/October 2018 Tea Time magazine

The fall issue of Tea Time magazine is always one of my favorites, and this year's did not disappoint. I know some folks are griping about seeing pumpkins at the grocery store in August, but for me, fall can't get here fast enough! In fact, I saw my first new pumpkin spice product of the season, an air freshener candle, at the grocery store on Sunday and was just delighted. So this cover with its rich golden hues is right up my alley!

Here in Georgia, I noticed yesterday that the afternoon sunlight out my office window has a bit more of a gold tint than usual. Real or imagined? I can't say, but I can say that the sight of pumpkins and golden teawares in the new Tea Time has me hankering for some pumpkin spice tea!

And one other note about the new issue: It features a Music Tea spread. The plates are rimmed with piano keys, and check out those finger sandwiches laid out to look like piano keys. How clever is that!

So are you eager for fall as well, or do you think we're rushing the season just a bit?


  1. I am inured to early holiday store displays but look forward to magazine holiday issues. High summer heat index delays my reading the fall issues as it seems to decrease my heat tolerance and makes summer seem to drag on! Maybe that's why God placed me in Arkansas instead of Australia.

  2. I got my issue with the rest of the mail that was held while I was on vacation last week, but haven't had time to delve into it yet - hopefully tonight I can. I'm ready for fall, too, although we've had a pretty mild summer compared to some. I love fall weather, colors, and flavors!

  3. I'm more than ready for Fall! It's been so hot here in DC that I can hardly wait for the first cool days. I, too, love the Fall issues of magazines like "Tea Time"--they give me hope that the change in weather really isn't that far away after all.--from Vernona in DC


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