Friday, August 10, 2018

A fun teatime treat!

Recently I had lunch with my friend Kathy, and she brought me a teatime treat to take home and share with Alex, a package of sugar-free brownies. And they were quite good! (I think she got the recipe from one of those new keto cookbooks.) But I was so impressed by the cute packaging that I wanted to share her ideas.

 The little basket and package of brownies were wrapped in cellophane and had a card tucked inside.

And I absolutely loved her idea of securing the bag for the brownies with a cute mini clothespin! Fun ideas, and maybe some of you will find them as inspiring as I did.


  1. That IS very cute packaging! I like anything with a strawberry motif. And that's a great idea to use the colorful mini-clothespin to close the paper bag that the brownie is in. I recently bought some of those small paper sacks to use for cookies, but I didn't know how to fasten them. The mini-clothespin is much more attractive than a binder clip!
    --from Vernona in DC

  2. Love the cute packaging. Do you think Kathy would share the sugar free brownie recipe? Thank you.

  3. Oooh! I like the tiny clothespin idea!! Clever! :)


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