Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Tealia's Caramel Rooibos Tea

Are your taste buds ever influenced by something you've read? Mine sure are. A few years ago, I was reading a book that mentioned barbecue, and before I knew it, I was suggesting to my husband that we go out for barbecue for supper. I don't even really like barbecue! But I do like tea, so when I read that new tea book over the weekend, two types of tea I hadn't had in a while moved into the forefront of my thoughts: oolong (I promptly went to my tea stash and found one) and rooibos tea, which I have very little of at the moment. So when I saw this darling tin of Tealia's Caramel Rooibos at HomeGoods yesterday, it truly met a need. (Or at least a serious want.)

I must confess the cute tin was one factor. The tea was only $5.99, which was a good price, but they also had some other great brands of tea, as well as some of those pretty Wedgwood tins of tea. But a well-designed graphic gets me every time, and this tin of tea was the winner.

The caramel tea, by the way, is just delicious. It's sweet and caramelish and had that classic rooibos taste I was expecting, so I was very pleased with my purchase. So tell me, have you ever read about a food and then had to find that food to eat or drink?


  1. That tin is adorable, and I'm glad the tea tasted good. I can't think of a specific instance where reading about a food led me to go find some, but I'm sure it has happened!

  2. Well... I've done the opposite - where I have seen a tea and purchased it - and then had to go online and read all about it on the company website. For example, I saw TeaPigs teas at Fresh Market recently. (Of course the name caught my attention.) I bought their English Breakfast blend. I then came home and explored it on their website... It has turned out to be a tea that I really enjoy in the morning which is when I prefer a very strong black tea.

  3. Sounds very tasty! I too would have been enticed by that cute tin!

  4. It's great when the tea is tasty and the tin is cute. Enjoy!


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