Monday, January 30, 2017

Ready for spring … and teacup gardening

A few weekends ago, I was convinced the springlike temperatures meant winter was behind us here in Georgia, but alas, we've dipped back down to the freezing-cold fifties (that's freezing by *my* standards), so alas, I can only dream of spring. But I was delighted to find spring's return in the form of one of my favorite annual magazines! I found a copy at Ingles over the weekend, and since this magazine always seems to disappear quickly, I wanted to alert you fellow garden- and flower-lovers as well that Flea Market Gardens 2017 has arrived.

I love to incorporate old stuff into the garden, and since I've totally neglected my home's landscape for about two years now, this is the year I'm going to make myself whip things into shape. The first idea I fell in love with in this magazine, though, is an idea I want to use indoors: a teacup chandelier for displaying African violets! I'm rooting some new African violets right now, so I hope I can find a thrift store light fixture in time for some quick upcycling.

And while I don't know what this particular plant is, the cutline says to fill a teacup with "any low-growing, cool-weather-loving alpine plant," so I guess I'll be researching that. Isn't it lovely how the little plant spills out of the teacup?

Finally, another of those so-simple-why-haven't-I-thought-of-it-before ideas is to simply use vintage teacups as containers for tea lights when entertaining outdoors.  The issue also has lots of ideas for container gardens and fairy gardens, including one made using a vintage suitcase that is absolutely darling. So if you're like me and ready to putter in the garden but the weather's not quite there yet, be sure to grab this issue before it disappears from your newsstand!


  1. I love the tea lights in teacups idea. I'll be checking at Ingles for this magazine!

  2. Thanks for letting us know the magazine is in stores! It is my favorite too, and hard to find here way up north!

  3. Thanks for letting us know the magazine is in stores! It is my favorite too, and hard to find here way up north!

  4. I have used hardy English teacups for tealight holders for years - looks beautiful on a tea table, too. (Haha say that ten times fast!)

    Let us know how you fair with you teacup chandy - will be keeping my fingers crossed for you to find a cheap secondhand one soon!

    Will be a wonderful project!

  5. Sounds like a magazine I need to get. Clever ideas!

  6. Enjoy your magazine. Glad you were able to purchase it. I know it is hard to find many of the less popular magazines. It looks like a lovely issue.

  7. Sounds like a nice issue. I too have been freezing the last few days. 50s are cold to me too.


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