Friday, November 14, 2014

MojiTea bottled tea from Argo Tea

If I see a new bottled tea I've never tried before, I am probably going to buy it and try it. That's just what I did at Kroger this week when I saw Argo's MojiTea sitting pretty in one of the featured cases.

This MojiTea drink includes "Armenian Mint tea, vitamin-filled lime juice and pure cane sugar." Each bottle contains about two servings of 70 calories each, and I absolutely loved the taste of this tea. It was pleasantly sweet and yet I got a lot of the lime flavor, which I love. I checked out their website when I got home, and I was surprised to learn that Argo Tea sells loose leaf teas and tea sachets as well as the RTD teas I've blogged about before. Have any of you tried Argo's loose leaf teas? You can go here to learn more — and also to see one of the coolest modern teacups ever!


  1. You GO girl!
    Your Boring Tea Drinking Friend

  2. Hmmm, mint and lime ...two of my favorite things! I am not usually a fan of bottled teas (trying to leave off sugar and add my own stevia) but this might be yummy for a treat!

  3. I'd be attracted by the pretty bottle and might pick some up for a low calorie refresher. ☺

  4. The bottle is pretty, that would be enough to make me give it a try.


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