Monday, November 11, 2013

It's time for toy tea sets!

I've begun shopping for Christmas toys for the children in my family, and to my dismay the little girls are all now past the tea set age. I still like to stock up on toy tea sets, though, because they make great gifts for the local toy drive, and I got a head start thanks to the great selection at Ross last week.

Tin tea sets never go out of style, do they? I love the cupcake designs on this set!

And of course anything with a Disney princess on it is bound to be a hit.

I also liked this tea set because it has both white and black princesses, so it would be appropriate for any little girl.

This 43-piece set is perhaps the biggest one I've seen, and I like that it has a "silver" sugar and creamer as well as cutlery and a tray of food. Also, these tea sets were priced quite reasonably, just $5.99-$11.99. Will you be buying a tea set for any little girl on your Christmas list this year?


  1. All of these are darling! And yes, I think I am going to get a tea set for a special gift this year.

  2. here is something I sell at my store. Only ours are all porcelain and well maybe 4-5 tin ones. Our licensed ones from Germany are now very pricey.

  3. What a great idea for a gift for any girl and even some boys. I don't have any little girls on my list this year except my little girl dogs. I have seen several nice toy gift sets that I may get for myself. I am older than you, Angela, but are we ever too old to play?

  4. I bought a cute tin set for my grandson and just gave it to him yesterday. He did like it. Just need to watch the tiny pieces with the little ones. He had found one of my vintage child's cups and was carrying it around the house pretending to sip from it, thus I gave him the set I had in waiting.

  5. Cute! Cute! Cute! I gave my youngest granddaughter, Ellie, a tea set for her birthday in July, so I probably won't give her another one for Christmas. You are definitely going to make some little girls very happy this Christmas!

  6. I do love tea sets! My Granddaughter and I collect them!


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