Thursday, July 19, 2012

Teavivre's White Peony Tea

A few months ago Teavivre sent me some samples of their teas, and this week I decided to try the White Peony Tea (Bai MuDan).

The first thing I noticed when I opened one of the packets was how light and fluffy the loose tea leaves were. Whisper light, I'd say.

About two servings are packaged in each of these smaller individual white packets, which I imagine helps keep the tea fresh. The scent of the loose tea was that nice woodsy one I so enjoy, like the scent of fresh wood shavings in a woodworker's shop.

The flavor? Oh my, this was good! It had a great mouth feel, on the vegetal side of things, with very little astringency. It had a very light, clean quality that struck me as very refreshing—and tasty! Teavivre's White Peony Tea is definitely a hit with me, and you can read more about it for yourself here.


  1. Thanks, Angela for yet another wonderful testimony!

    I have enjoyed trying your professional recommendations.

    Please do stop by my blog if and when you find an extra moment -I sooo miss your visits. :-)

    Have a tealightful day!!

  2. Such a pretty tea! Love those fluffy tea leaves... love your description 'whisper light'! I've enjoyed a Bai Mu Dan, but not from Teavivre.

  3. I'm not too crazy about Pai Mu Tan on its own - I find the flavour too vegetal. But I did buy a lovely Pai Mu Tan scented with bergamot, 'Earl White' by Dutch teahouse Simon Levelt, which is delicious. I wonder what the Peony Pai Mu Tan tastes like!


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