Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The simple pleasure of a new tea tray

There is a tea quote I particularly love which goes like this: "Bread and water can so easily be toast and tea." Those of us who enjoy the pleasures of teatime know that is quite true. Over the weekend I set a tea tray just for me, with a simple slice of whole wheat bread with butter and strawberry jam, served with a cup of White Peony Tea. Takes not five minutes to assemble, and yet it feels sort of ... special ... doesn't it?

Years ago I collected old toleware trays like this one. Some in better shape, some not so much, but I loved them all. In fact, before I married I had my kitchen decorated with them. I don't think any of my tole trays cost more than a few dollars, so I continue to be stunned when I see them in antique malls for the going rate of $50 and up, even for some of the spotty looking ones.

My mom (you're not surprised) found this one for me last week. "Do you think that tray was worth 50 cents?" she asked. Yes, yes I sure do!


  1. That does indeed look special. And 50 cents??? Wow, I must go shopping with your mother sometime. She has the touch.

  2. Lovely tray, Angela! I like tole trays too. A simple tea is delightful. Have a beautiful day.


  3. I love that quote! And yes, that tray was worth 50 cents for sure. I have a black one like it somewhere that was a wedding present 36 years ago. I always loved it but never knew quite what to do with it, so now I know!

  4. It is charming and beautiful.

    And your are encouraging. I passed one by at Goodwill last week. You've made me see tole trays with new eyes.

    I do love trays, especially old ones. I have a small collection and love using them for tea!

  5. GREAT find! I've looks for one of these trays for years, but alas the prices were always way out of my range. So last week when I found one at the GOODWILL I just could not believe it. It's scratched but the flowers are still pretty, and the price was only $2.00 instead of $30 or $40!! I told my sis in law that I never dreamed that I would find one at the Goodwill :-D

    Jocelyn @

  6. A pretty tray for your tea.
    I looked in our Michael's today Angela for the tea themed card paper and nothing remotely close - I even asked. I'll check again another time and may get lucky.

  7. What a pretty tea tray and I am impressed with the price. Your mom is a treasure to find these special treasures just for you.

  8. I am falling in love with trays again - they are so practical!

  9. I love this tray and such pretty colors - you have such a thoughtful Mom! The apple didn't fall far from the tree, Joanie


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