Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Teawares at the library

It was such an honor to be invited to speak at one of our local libraries on the topic of "History of Tea in the South" on Saturday. I spoke briefly on the broader tea history and then talked about how tea was cultivated in Summerville, S.C. in the 1800s and then more recently at the Charleston Tea Plantation. The audience of about 20 was great and asked lots of good questions when I was finished. I *love* to find an engaged audience! The library had promoted the event with several glass covered displays throughout the building, including this one ...

... and this one. These and many of the other teapots on display belong to a lovely lady who also happens to be the mother of our county library director!

I first met Mrs. Osborne several years ago when her church in Newnan had a speaker on the topic of tea and someone thought to invite me. I quickly discovered we had a mutual interest, and this was either the third or fourth time I have enjoyed being at an event with her!

This display case featured some of her teawares on loan to the library.

A sentimental favorite is this brown teapot which she received as a gift after retiring as a New York public school teacher.

One of her favorite teapots is this tiny Van Gogh teapot from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Her white elephant teapot at left came from South Africa. And I've never seen an elephant handle like the one on the teapot at right!

She also has one of the famous Aladdin teapots. That model has long been on my teapot wish list!

Another case was filled with wonderful teawares as well. I was trying to snap as much as I could when I realized it was almost time for me to speak!

Some of these teawares belong to a friendly woman (and library supporter) named Terri, and I learned she and I attended college together at the same time, although in different fields of study.

This highly gilded teacup is gorgeous, isn't it!

And after enjoying an afternoon of tea and getting to see all these great teawares, and receiving a lovely bouquet of flowers, I also received a gift bag containing the goodies shown here! The elegant green teacup and saucer is by Royal Albert and is marked "Rainbow." I've never seen this design before and immediately loved it! What a treat to receive a vintage teacup, along with a new brew basket and the latest issue of Tea Time. I will definitely have fond memories of this fun fall afternoon!


  1. Wonderful fun! I would love to know what you said in your talk. Can you share that with us?

  2. What a great teaware display. I really like that teapot fabric that was used too. I'm so glad you showed a closeup of the beautiful blue Aladdin teapot (I've always wanted one too).

    How long is the teaware going to be on display at the library?

  3. What a varied and fantastic asssortment of teawares. I think the elephant head/handle is my favorite! I used to have an Aladdin teapot but sold it, it just never 'talked' to me.

  4. I enjoyed seeing all the teawares too, but like parTealady, that teapot fabric really caught my eye. Did they share any details with you regarding where they purchased it? I purchased an Aladdin teapot a few years back. Mine is cream colored with gold trim, by Hall. I paid $65 because it did talk to me! ;-)

  5. What a wonderful exhibit! You must have had a marvelous time, and what a thoughtful gift. Thanks for sharing.

  6. this was so neat!! Can you come to MN and give me a private lecture?? Pretty pleeeeeeeease??? I am sure there is so much I could learn from a neat lady like you. Those teapots were fun to look at wow! That Van Gogh one is amazing..I am a huge art lover and would dig that one in my collection for sure. GREAT post.

  7. It was so nice to see this special tea event through your camera Angela. There are many unique teacups and pots and I love your tea theme top.

  8. What a lovely tea, Angela - love those teapots! It sounds like a wonderful event, I love your photos. Have a great day,

  9. Hi Angela,

    What a beautiful display! I wish I didn't live so far away!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Blessings, Darlene

  10. Gorgeous gilded cup and saucer. What a wonderful display. The gift was very nice to with the vintage teacup. I would say they must have liked you to give you a special gift. smiling!


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