Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tea Sandwich Saturday #38 - Turkey & Pumpkin Butter

Yes, I know fall is still officially a few days away, but I'm starting to see the flavors of fall in the stores and I am loving it! I had already thought of making this week's tea sandwich with turkey and apple butter, but then I saw a jar of pumpkin butter in World Market and that sealed the deal.

This sandwich doesn't really have a recipe but rather just instructions for assembly. Slice pumpernickel bread. Spread both slices with a nice thick layer of pumpkin butter. Add roasted turkey to one slice and sandwich with the other. Simple foods really *can* be delicious, you know?

This Oregon Growers & Shippers Pumpkin Butter is the brand I found at World Market, and I love the pumpkin flavor as well as the smooth, creamy texture. I still may try this sandwich with apple butter, too. Are you a fan of fall-flavored butters? If so, what do you recommend?


  1. Oh yes ! great combo.I love pumpkin butter.I first had it in Oak Glen an apple picking place near me.I's a fun place to go in the fall.

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  3. I would love to have you link this to Friends Sharing Tea!

  4. Mmm. That sounds lovely! It's good to have another way to use pumpkin butter, since I go through it so slowly all by myself. Funny, it doesn't work that way with the Rose's Key Lime Marmalade!

    I also like recommend turkey with cranberry cream cheese.

  5. I always buy a few jars of pumpkin butter at Trader Joe's when it appears in the fall. Apple butter is nice too, I need to make some more.

  6. I just finished a jar of pumpkin butter used mostly on scones.
    This sandwich combination sounds yummy, I'll definitely be making some of these, especially with the pumpernickel.

  7. I am very fond of apple butter- makes me think of Fall. I also
    like pumpkin bread . Pumpkins and Indian corn are already in the grocery stores.

  8. This is a great idea to welcome fall, Angela. Some of my best fall memories are from Missouri -
    there are some wonderful fall festivals in towns, like Arrow Rock, Boonville and Hermann.

    In Hermann, there are wineries, Octoberfest Celebrations &
    charming Bed & Breakfasts -
    I remember a 'Who-dun-it Mystery Weekend' that started off with clues at Friday night cocktails, continued on Saturday (the whole staff participated & even some 'guests' were part of the fun!), and everything was revealed at brunch on Sunday. The person who solved the mystery received a beautiful gift basket.

    So bring on the cooler temperatures, the apple butter and the pumpkin butter...fall is here! Joanie

  9. This sounds intriguing. I would try fig chutney for another fall flavor.


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