Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Some very tea-ish tea mugs

Months ago, I saw some great new tea mugs advertised in a magazine. They were part of Martha Stewart's "Dish of the Day" line for Macy's, in which the tea mugs say "Tea," the drink glasses say "Drink," the cake plate says "Cake," etc. Cute! And $22 wasn't a bad price for a set of two, but ... the set wasn't on sale. And what's that old Macy's motto? "It's smart to be thrifty."

I can wait forever to get a bargain. On Saturday, my mom and I went to a Macy's store in Marietta so she could find a bracelet like one I'd bought there, for about 67 percent off the regular price. I was looking around in housewares while she checked out and saw that the tea mugs I'd wanted were marked down to $10.99 for the set of two. Half price? Not bad!

Then I got to the checkout and found that, like a lot of merchandise during the Labor Day Sales weekend, they were even cheaper. $7.69 for the set of two. It's not only smart to be thrifty, it's also pretty fun!


  1. Yes, I love your tales of thrifty shopping!

  2. wow, now that is a welcomed surprise! Very nice mugs and great $ too.

  3. Oh, those mugs are really nice and what a great price. I prefer to drink my morning tea in a mug - less running back and forth to the tea pot. ;-)

  4. Oh, so cute! I love finding bargains in unexpected places!

  5. Love the mugs! And nice bargain too!

  6. Great tea cups, Angela and at such a good price! "Good things come to those who wait." Enjoy, Joanie

  7. Those are nice afternoon tea kind of mugs. I love shopping Macy's when in the US for the same reason you found - things are always on sale and then you get another reduction at the till.

  8. Cute mugs! I may have to make a trip to Macy's.

    I was at IKEA today and noticed they had some tea cup (or maybe it was coffee cups) themed things. A tray
    and a bread basket
    I didn't buy them, I really don't need them. But I thought they were cute.


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