Friday, September 9, 2011

Some new "old" teatime earrings

Recently I decided to take a chance on a pair of sterling silver earrings on eBay simply because they were so inexpensive and in a design I didn't already have. They'll need a little TLC but they're marked sterling, and there's also a word on the back that's too tiny for me to read, even magnified. But mostly I like that one earring is a teapot and the other is a teacup. One is longer than the other, and that actually will work out great for me because my earlobes happen to be uneven!

At any rate, the new "old" earrings are a bit of a curiosity to me. First, pierced earrings aren't usually that old, are they? (Any jewelry historians out there?) The design definitely looks older than the teatime earrings I see today. If you have a pair like mine, I'd love to know how old *you* say they are!

And I always enjoy seeing the handle on tiny teacup charms. Simply charming!


  1. Hi Angela
    The earrings are adorable. Hope you can find a little history on them, should be interesting.

  2. What cute teapot and teacup earrings!!

  3. Great earrings, Angela! Hope you can find out some information on their age. Take care, Joanie

  4. Cute! I too have always thought pierced earring were a more modern design. Hope we learn the history of your earrings.

  5. Haven't seen ones like this, but they are fun to see.


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