Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crochet Gift List magazine

The grocery store and bookstore magazine racks are starting to fill with Christmas magazines, and as a crocheter I came across a new one I like for a lot of reasons! It's called Crochet Gift List, and the crocheted gingerbread house and cupcake tea cozy on the cover both caught my eye.

Here's the inside photo of the "Tea & Cupcakes" tea cozy. I think this would be pretty easy to make!

And I've crocheted a tea set before (shown here), but not this set with floral saucers and teapot lid. Too cute! In case some of you are crocheters too, I wanted to go ahead and mention this issue so you could be on the lookout at your local magazine sources. Happy crocheting!


  1. What great looking crafts, Angela -
    I have not seen this issue and it looks fabulous! Love the combination of pink & greeen.
    I miss seeing all the great new magazines but I appreciate the fact that you are out there to spot them & share them with your readers. Hope you have a great weekend, Joanie

  2. I would love the cupcake tea cozy. Really, really cute!

  3. That cupcake tea cozy is super cute.

  4. CROCHET GIFT LIST magazine seems to include many reprints of patterns that first appeared in CROCHET TODAY magazine (one of my favorite current crochet magazines). I'm so happy to get another chance to buy the gingerbread house patttern!

    I don't have copy of GIFT LIST with me, but I know some patterns were by designer Ana Paula Rimoli whose crochet books include cute smiling cupcakes, etc. you may enjoy. Check out her website and Etsy shop!

    I'm going to try making the "witch hat" in GIFT LIST for a Harry Potter fan using dark green to resemble Professor McGonagel's hat in HP movies. Using browns or black, might be used as part of a pilgrim's costume for Thanksgiving as well.

    Is there a website listed in GIFT LIST magazine? (It may be a week or more until I can look at it again). I did notice what seems to be slight error in hat pattern (maybe work in free loops of row 66, not 62). does include corrections section which is helpful.

    Maybe we can thank CT for reprints of popular, special patterns in bi-monthly issues of CROCHET TODAY we missed, encouraging future special collections like this one.


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