Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tributes to Wedgwood

Although I have a few of the pretty Wedgwood blue teapot and teacup Christmas ornaments, I believe the only full-sized pieces of true Wedgwood I own are this teacup and saucer and the matching mug. These were part of the Wedgwood Bicentenary Celebration line and are designed with the handwriting of company forebear Josiah Wedgwood. As a writer I especially love things with handwriting as part of the design, but of course as a tea lover I also have great respect for anything bearing the Wedgwood name.

Knowing that I love teawares, and I love roses, my friend Deberah ordered me a birthday present that arrived after my birthday this year but I was still quite thrilled to get it. What gardener doesn't love a box from David Austin Roses?

And when the rose is the Wedgwood Rose, oh my goodness!

Here is what the rose looks like on the website. Isn't this a most inspired gift for a tea-loving gardener? I must say I was impressed at the thoughtfulness behind this gift, and I'm certainly looking forward to the day that beautiful 'Wedgwood' blooms in my garden!


  1. Beautiful rose! My china is wedgewood and I think it is beautiful. I must say I don't use it as often as I might because it has to be hand washed. But I still enjoy it on occasion.

  2. YOu deserve it...Wedgewood is beautiful.

  3. Oh my! What a fabulous addition to your garden!

  4. How pretty. I can't wait until you show us the beautiful blooms from your garden.

  5. The Wedgwood handwriting teacup and mug are lovely.

    Your birthday Wedwood Rose is beautiful. I really wanted the David Austin "Queen of Sweden" rose, but never did order one for myself. :(


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