Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tea is for Tervis

One of the charming things about small towns is that they often have their own distinctive stores and boutiques. Here in Newnan, you might be surprised to hear that a great place to shop for nice gifts is actually a family of locally-owned drug stores, such as the Lee-King Drug Store I visited earlier this week. They have great jewelry, gorgeous stationery, some of the prettiest paper party goods in town, and they also stock a terrific selection of Tervis tumblers. Though I'd never purchased one for myself, I have given lots of Tervis tumblers as gifts over the years to family members, usually with a sports team logo on front. Obviously it was a different sort of logo that caught my eye this time!

Now my brother-in-law Brad should really be a spokesman for Tervis. He loves these things and requests them for birthdays and Christmas, which certainly makes my shopping life a little easier. Just the other day he was astonished that I still had never used one. They really do keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, he said, and they don't ever leave a ring. You could leave a drink sitting out for two weeks and it would never, ever leave any sign it had been there, he said. He had already convincd me I should try one when I spotted this one at Lee-King.

Isn't this Sweet Tea design pretty? I'm told this is a new design, and I'm happy I now have a Tervis tumbler just for me. And you know what? It keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Now if they would just make versions that say Green Tea and Black Tea and Oolong , I could have a set!


  1. Neat. I have never used one either. Hmmm. maybe I will search out that one.

  2. What a perfect sweet tea tumbler!

  3. That is a cute Tervis tumbler design. It looks like a fabric applique piece (I'd like to sew it on my denim jacket).

  4. My daughter recently convinced me I should start investing in Tervis glasses -what with a careless boy home for the summer "rings" are starting to show up. really like yours!


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