Thursday, May 12, 2011

A garden update

When my husband asked what I wanted for my birthday this year I immediately said plants! I've decided that I'll extend some of the "tea garden" ideas to the shade garden. If a plant can't be used to actually make tea or isn't an edible herb, I at least want the name to sound like a flavor you might have at tea. That's why I chose this 'Peppermint' hydrangea, which I just think is so beautiful!

A closeup of the leaves shows the pink-streaked petals that no doubt gave the plant its name.

I also got some cute 'Lakeside Cupcake' miniature hostas. Love these!

Near them, I placed these adorable little plant stakes my sister gave me for my birthday.

She found these at Cracker Barrel, which apparently stocks cute garden stuff as well as cute tea stuff!

I also got this 'Caramel' Heuchera. I took this photo early in the day when its leaves didn't seem quite as caramel-colored as when I bought it. Still just lovely, though!

Meanwhile, in the tea garden, something new is coming up, I'm just not sure what since I forgot to record the name of these seeds in my garden journal. Can't wait to see what this is!

I've also been moving things around both inside the house and out. This teapot candleholder sat on the fireplace hearth for a couple of years, but now it's decorating a corner of my tea garden. I need to find just the right pot (and plant) to sit on top. Any thoughts?

In the opposite corner is planted another birthday gift, these 'Lady English Lavender' plants. I find I simply cannot pass by them without rubbing the leaves so I can sniff the fragrance. Ahhh!

The tiny little buds are just so pretty.

And finally, as I mentioned yesterday, my husband is trying a unique way of growing our vegetables this year and has planted them in straw bales! He recently interviewed a local woman who has been producing a bumper crop of vegetables using this method, so he decided to give it a try.

The tomatoes are already quite happy there. And the straw bale garden is certainly capturing the attention of all our family and friends who have seen it. This was a new concept to me, but I love it. No digging, no weeding, and it's said to produce vegetables long after the normal growing season has ended ... what's not to like? For those of you who are also into gardening, how is your garden coming along this year?


  1. I love your garden photos. Isn't spring wonderful!?

  2. Your garden looks lovely. I really like that Peppermint hydrangea variety.

    Gardening in straw bales sounds great - especially the no digging or weeding part. ;-)

  3. I look forward to seeing more photos of your beautiful garden as the season progresses.

    Straw bales... that's a new one to me! Keep us posted on the progress.

  4. Fun garden photos... love the whimsical tea candleholder... looks perfect in the garden. The hay bale concept is interesting! Will be anxious to hear your followup report as the growing season progresses.

  5. Love your photos, Angela!
    I could see some of these close-up photos in a calendar, they are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your photos, they are inspiring!

  6. Your garden is looking lovely. That Peppermint hydrangea is such a pretty variety.

    Straw bale gardening sounds great -especially the no digging or weeding part. ;-)

  7. Your garden is looking lovely, Angela. Hydrangeas are a favorite of mine and I have one called Blushing Bride that starts out white and then blushes to the most delicate pink. Would love to wander along your garden path and enjoy all of your blooms.

    I look forward to seeing the vegies from your straw bale garden.
    May try this too.

    Mary Jane


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