Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Anthropologie's Tea-inspired Fragrances

Are you familiar with the store Anthropologie? Let's just say I'm glad it is rather out-of-the-way and I have to make a special trip to the city to get there, because I love their tablewares, their books, their fragrances, their clothes. Anthropologie is clearly designed for a younger, hipper customer than this one, but many of their fashions (for women, for home) are vintage-inspired, thus the interest from middle-aged women like me! My latest find there? Tea-inspired fragrances from the "A Rather Novel Collection." The first time I saw them, bottles of parfum were housed in boxes that are designed to look like books. I never could commit to a single $48 bottle of fragrance, so I was happy to see they've added these $10 fragrance pencils.

The two I got were Hamarikyu Gardens ("green tea-inspired, featuring sweetened lemon and bergamot zest, verbena and the softest amber") and 5 O'Clock at Belvoir Castle ("crisp bergamot and heady jasmine, sandalwood and damp moss"). I liked the scent of the 1856 Darjeeling too, but I found myself wanting to drink it rather than wear it, so I decided to leave that one behind. Go here if you want to read about the entire line of fragrances. I really think this is a charming (and yummy smelling) line!

My only concern when buying makeup or fragrance "pencils" of any kind is whether I'm going to have to find a sharpener to work with them. Happily, these fragrance pencils are designed in the style of old-fashioned china markers, and you can simply pull the string as you go to reveal more of the fragrance. Any other Anthropologie fans out there?


  1. Neat idea. I don't generally wear spray-on fragrances as they make my eyes itch. But these just might work. Thanks for the review.

  2. this is something that I would definitely like to try... thanks for sharing :)

  3. Nice to "meet" a fellow tea lover. I'm a new folllower.


  4. Cool! I love that store...
    I can't wear scents, as they give the hubby a headache, but if I could, I would want these!

  5. oh, i love that store. it is only a few blocks from my office, so i really try to restrain myself! I haven't seen these, I'll have to look for them. I don't actually care for bergamot, but am curious about the darjeeling one!


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