Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A taste of royal tastes

Today is March 29. A month from today will be April 29. And what will many of us be doing on April 29, friends? Watching the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, of course! Happily, details of the event are starting to come out, and yesterday I read an article in The Independent about the royal wedding's cakes. One requested by Prince William will feature McVitie's popular tea biscuits, or cookies as we call them here in the U.S. These McVitie's treats above came from Publix, which stocks several varieties of British treats in the ethnic foods section.

Alongside a cup of Peppermint and English Toffee tea in my commemorative teacup from the Princess Diana exhibit, this was a royally good afternoon treat!

I got the "Digestives," the tasty cookie which tastes like rather a cross between an animal cracker and an oatmeal cookie, as well as the chocolate covered "Hobnobs."

Now if we lived in the U.K., we would be able to sign up for their fun VIP Club and earn "Tea Break Treats" with our purchase of the Hobnobs, but alas, that loyalty program isn't available to us. Too bad, because I would dearly love to earn points toward one of their tea mugs or teapots being offered, and I'm sure some of you would as well! For now, however, I'll enjoy my treats and look forward to April 29. Are any of you fans of McVitie's? If so, you may enjoy this video with McVitie's about their plans for Prince William's Royal Wedding reception cake.


  1. McVitie's biscuits were a favorite of mine as a child. I haven't tried Hobnobs - are they similar? Thanks for the interesting links.

    Another You Tube video with Fiona Cairns (the wedding cake maker) tells about how the couple picked the cake decorations from the Victorian "Language of Flowers".

  2. I have certainly seen a lot of discussion on this biscuit cake. I am going to be traveling when the wedding takes place, I hope I can find a TV to watch some of the news.

  3. Oh Angela you are such fun. I look forward to reading your coverage of that big event and in the meanwhile I will enjoy the teasers.

  4. I love the English biscuits and will buy them occasionally. Nice to have on hand when one doesn't want to bake!

  5. McVittie's plain choc HobNobs are my all time favorite. in the 1970s used to bring a suitcase home (it seemed) of them from our UK visits and just hope they didn't get too warm & melt together. They got eaten anyway no matter what! I posted a video & recipe from McVities about the biscuit cake on my blog a week ago. Will have to try it!

  6. Hello Angela, great post today.
    I am enjoying hearing about the Royal Wedding. I didn't know you could get these bisquits here, thanks for sharing the information.
    I love your Princess Diana tea cup, so pretty!

    We've gotten in some nice 'Royal' magazines at Hastings, with some beautiful photos. LIFE magazine has a very nice issue. Here's looking forward to the wedding,


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