Thursday, March 10, 2011

Green tea bath and body products

One of the vendors at the recent Southeastern Flower Show in Atlanta was Indigo Bath & Body. The "Indigo" in the name makes me think of the Indigo Tea Room in Laura Childs' tea shop mysteries, so I was immediately charmed. I bought a bar of soap and a vial of a Green Tea & Aloe Face Mask. The powdered mask is interesting in that you can mix it up with water, milk, honey or apple cider vinegar. I mixed it with water and indeed it did leave my skin feeling silky smooth. Unfortunately, the smell was pretty wretched. I decided I'll wait 'til I'm all stuffed up one day to try this mask again!

I had a better experience with the yummy smelling Scrubble Bubble Green Tea Exfoliating Massage Soap. It lathers up just great, and I also like the exfoliating tapioca pearls, but the fragrance is just incredible! Quite yummy, and I can still smell it in my bathroom hours later. (If they could only make the mask smell like the soap!)


  1. Oh, my! I'm sorry, but I got a little chuckle about your mask experience.

  2. I would love this soap. How fun to find soap with tea in it. It seems like tea goes in alot of bath products these days.

  3. How nice to see a bath product with tea in the name actually containing tea.

  4. This soap sounds great! Thanks for the review (and it's good to hear about the 'mask' too - that sounds like something I would have tried, but the scent seems like I wouldn't have liked it either!)
    I'm amazed at how many products have tea as an ingredient.
    Have a great night, Joanie

  5. We're so sorry you didn't like the mask, but we try to do 'natural' as much as possible. Since the masks were facial masks, we opted to leave out any fragrances or essential oils that could cause any irritation. I personally mix it with honey, both for the moisturizing properties of honey and for the luscious scent. You can also add a drop or two of lavender essential oil (you can find this at a healthfood store). Lavender is one of the few essential oils that is safe to use 'neat' or directly on the skin. (We didn't use this in the masks because people either love lavender or hate it!).

    We hope to 'see' you again at the show next year or at one of our farmer's markets!




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