Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Aqua Cup Tea Co.

Spring is not quite here yet, so when I had a chill the other morning I wanted a nice bracing cup of tea and remembered I had a brand new blend just waiting to be sampled!

This "Aqua Cup Tea Co." box of tea is from Kimberly Shaw, whose beautiful notecard is featured up top.

This Orange Spice Tea was just delicious, and exactly what I needed to chase away the morning's chill. If you'd like to see this and other teas she has for sale, and at some very reasonable prices, go here!


  1. I love Kimberly Shaw note cards and art work. So glad she now has teas, too.

  2. What a nice website Kimberly Shaw has, Thank You for sharing. The tea swap sounds neat. Also cute gift items for your tea friends!!!

  3. Kimberly Shaw's artwork is lovely. There are some wonderful buys on her website. The Orange Spice tea sounds delicious.

  4. Thanks for bringing a new tea company to our attention.

  5. I would love for you to join us on Tuesday for tea. You have so much to share with the ladies.
    Blessings, Pam

  6. That tea sounds delicious and I love the pattern on that tea cup, beautiful! I am going to check out her website, thanks for the information, Joanie


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