Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Antiquing in Anniston

Finally! After a couple of very "dry" months of antiquing and junking, I finally had a successful weekend! Here are the goodies this weekend yielded.

First, on the way to my parents' house I stopped in Carrollton since my mom had found a new store there she said I ought to visit. I can't remember the name (it was something long), but for locals who'd like to visit, I can tell you it is located in a corner of the shopping center behind the Sonic restaurant on Bankhead Highway. It's the kind of place where you have to carefully wedge in between the rows of incense and plastic rings to find the vintage books, old teapots, tole trays and more. My treasures included a brand spanking new copy of Martha Stewart's "Hors d'Oeuvres" ($2.88) and a teapot warmer ($3.88) which later cleaned up nicely. Those are two things I had wanted but was not willing to purchase at full price. Good things come to those who wait!

When I got to my mom's, she had found this large (11-1/2-inch) Depression glass platter with a tinted green rim. Loved it! Said it was $1 at a thrift store she visits, because they let *men* price the dishes there, and she's observed that no matter how nice the old dish, the men put $1 on it. She visits that aisle first thing when she visits that store!

So when we got to Anniston, she asked if I'd like to visit that thrift store. Sure! I found a Brown Bag cookie mold (these have become quite collectible) for just $2.

At one of the antique malls, the finds included an etched glass plate for $1, which I thought would come in handy for "styling" my Tea Sandwich Saturday posts.

I *thought* I had found a cup in the Coronation Depression glass pattern, but later learned that no, this one is Queen Mary. Live and learn. At least it was cheap!

And I guess I had royalty on the brain, because I also found a tea towel from the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. That will come in handy when decorating for my Royal Wedding Tea.

Last but not least, I found a copy of "Tea Time Southern Style," a cookbook I'd wanted, for just $5. At this antique mall, I was joined by my five-year-old niece Amelia. Now, I would not take most five-year-olds I've known to an antique mall, but Amelia is a wonderful little shopper and is also currently on a "Little House on the Prairie" kick. She loves to look for things from "The 1800s," which she says with the same reverence most little kids say "Walt Disney World." (Example: "Angela, is that old hairbrush from The 1800s?") I had asked Amelia to help me look for pink and green glass, and she got very good at spotting it before I did. Sometimes, we were looking in tightly spaced little booths. Once I said "Goodness, we better be careful in here." Amelia: "I'm doing my best!" And you know, she was! The funniest thing was when I picked up a green Depression glass cup and saucer and Amelia asked how much it was. It was $45 and she exclaimed, "Holy cow! Put that down RIGHT now!" And I did! But the $5 cookbook got her OK, so I came home with it.

And here is a recent picture of Amelia, just to give you a visual image of my personal shopping assistant!

I'll end on a random note: We were at one antique store where my mother was inside paying for some inexpensive metal plates that Amelia thought looked like they came from -- say it with me now -- "The 1800s." I was outside on the porch and across the street was this house. Because of all the stuff outside on the porch and balcony I couldn't decide if the residents were moving in or moving out, but wow, isn't this house something! What a fun, and productive, Saturday!


  1. I want to go shopping with you and Amelia! She reminds me of my eight year old niece, Gia, who is also a good little shopper and has an eye for what she calls "the good stuff. When shopping with her Mom she often says "Aunt Mary Jane would LOVE this"

    What a fun day and what great finds. I am hoping to find a tea towel like that too but so far no luck. Glad you had a great shopping extravaganza.

    Mary Jane

  2. Amelia sounds like my 9 year old Grandaughter, she loves everything her Grandma does,we have so much fun!

  3. Looks like you had a very successful and fun day!!

  4. That cookie mold will be so much fun to use!!

  5. You found really nice things, and they're things that you had been looking for, that's a plus. Amelia is such a cutie and how great that she likes to go antiquing...Maybe one day she'll purchase that wonderful house across the street and she'll have plenty of room for all the antiques she'll acquire:-)

  6. What fun! I'd take Amelia shopping any time! Enjoyed seeing your finds.

  7. Love the teapot warmer and the price even more.

    The house is beautiful too.

    But most beautiful is Amelia shes so pretty!!!

    Karin Şen Cankan

  8. I can't say that I am surprised that Amelia was such a great shopping companion. How could she not be wonderful with such a perfect name?! ;-)

  9. I'm so excited about your finds but Amelia really adds the frosting to the cake! What a treasure. :o)

  10. Wow, that was a successful shopping weekend and what a lovely pic of Amelia.

    I didn't know that the Brown Bag cookie molds are collectible - guess I'll hang on to mine. You've reminded me to dig out my copy of Tea Time Southern Style and have another look - thanks.

  11. Great finds, Angela! You have such a great 'eye' for finding beautiful items and at such good prices. You always amaze me - the towel from Charles & Diana's Wedding is a real find! I'm glad you took the photo of that beautiful house - lovely!

    And Amelia is a delight! I hope she finds many treasures from the 1800's! Thanks for sharing,

  12. Gorgeous house and very fun finds. I really must go exploring soon.

  13. What a wonderful day to have! Such great finds and a darling little shopper with you. Thanks for sharing your day. I loved your conversations with your beautiful niece. Wow, that house is amazing.
    Love, Carol B.

  14. Oh BOY! What a great shopping trip!


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