Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Finding Inspiration at the Flower Show

If all the snow coverage is starting to get to you, let's spice things up with a little color from the Southeastern Flower Show! My friend Deberah and I, who are planning a garden-themed issue of our magazine, visited the show in Atlanta on Feb. 5. There's nothing like seeing a few indoor gardens and some colorful blossoms to remind you that spring will be here soon, and it's not too early to begin thinking about gardening!

The Atlanta area garden clubs create often whimsical table settings, this year with a "green" theme. I thought this mossy green setting was just lovely!

"Green Acres" was the theme of this table setting, and you can see the pitchfork and hay bale at right, the white boa feather at left. (Eva Gabor was nowhere in sight, alas!)

"Dining Alfresco with Mother Nature" was the theme of this table. Loved the twiggy seating!

In one section of the flower show, the entries featured pretty plantings in wheelbarrows. Definitely an interesting "container" for plants!

One reason I go to shows like this is for a little trend-spotting. It's clear that garden accents are still popular with gardeners, and of course I was partial to this garden accent topped with a metal teapot containing a small tealight. (At least I think it's a teapot. A watering can wouldn't be so fat and rounded, would it? Or maybe it's purposely ambiguous in order to appeal to fans of both!)

One booth was filled with garden accents made from old metal plates, dishes and flatware. How clever to use the old silverplate for the legs on this little turtle guy!

There is always a vendor market at the flower show, and if it hadn't been for Deberah I would have missed these miniature violets, which are perfect for the teacup African violet display I wrote about here after reading Kimber Mitchell's great article in the Early Spring 2010 issue of Country Gardens magazine. I had quickly learned through a little online research that it would be very expensive to have miniature violets shipped to me, so I was quite happy to find these for a reasonable $6 each.

With only two orphaned teacups on hand, I plopped the pink and purple African violets into these two cups, and if you'll join me tomorrow I'll tell you about the very special container I used for the burgundy violet! (And if you'd like to see more photos from the flower show, Deberah wrote about it here and here. Enjoy!)


  1. Those miniature violets are so dainty! Perfect for orphan teacups!

  2. Thanks for sharing. The Green Acres table is my favorite, but I loved that show. Your teacup violets are adorable!

    I really enjoyed your generous giveaways and sweet valentines last week.

  3. I have a wheelbarrow "garden"-found barrows on the curb in my neighborhood. Planted w/ preiennal ground covers and I add annuals in Spring.
    Love the very casual,natural feel of what you showed us ... and that darling turtle!!

  4. Ooooo, lots of ideas for catering tables! Wish I had gone. Oh, well, I'll just dig out the magaazines.

    PS. Thanks for such fun with the give away too. Although, I didn't win, it was fun just playing along & hoping!

  5. Love, love garden shows. What a fun idea to decorate the tables. I am so ready for spring. If we have enough sun this week our daffodils will start blooming by the weekend. I am so excited.

  6. That looks like a wonderful Flower Show. Thanks for sharing your photos. I loved the garden cart and wheelbarrow as containers for flowers.

    Your African violets look so pretty in the teacups.

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  8. Dear Angela, great coverage and great photos! I didn't have a chance to go this year and thanks to you, I get to 'travel there!'

    And a big thank you from Keith and Nick - we shared in the tea for Valentine's Day and we all enjoyed it. You brought so much joy to so many...thanks so much!
    You're the tip-top,