Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In praise of winter whites

Those of you who live up north are probably not going to be very impressed that we *may* get an inch or two of snow tomorrow, but here in Georgia many of us have our fingers crossed. I'm not dreaming of a White Christmas but simply of a White Thursday! This is fitting, really, because in the course of dismantling the Christmas decorations over the weekend -- and putting up a few new ones I found on clearance -- I decided to do a tabletop featuring some teawares in winter white!

First, I topped the table with one of my favorite tablecloths, this cream colored Heritage Lace piece featuring teapots and teacups. (I'll bet some of you have this same cloth, since I used to see it in gift shops a lot a few years back.)

My favorite clearance find this year (from Beyond the Door in Senoia) is this wonderful papier-mâché stocking made from what looks like old book pages and ruffled crepe paper ribbon and rosettes. There's even a little compartment up top where my husband actually suggested I could stash a few teabags!

I also thought this little snow guy had a message that is appropriate far beyond the Christmas season.

Some of the creamiest, dreamiest winter white shades I've found are on a vintage Homer Laughlin teapot ...

... and a Homer Laughlin sugar and creamer that a tea-loving friend gave me for Christmas. So simple and elegant!

I decided my little Christmas tree stand can go neutral for a month and hold teapot ornaments and miniature cream and chrome teapots, and the pedestal stand at back ended up being a great place to hang the handmade glass ornament from my friend Marilyn. I think this new look should serve just fine 'til, oh, Valentine's Day or so!


  1. Oh what a wonderful idea to create a sort of ode to winter whites. yes, I also like winter whites. In fact, I just purchased a pair of winter white pants in spite of the fact that I do not usuallty wear white pants. I just thought they would look so cheerful and elegant during this season. Your winter white decor is lovely.

  2. I absolutely love the miniature white teapots with the silver cozy covers. Are they salt and peppers?
    Vintage? New?
    Hope you get the snow!

  3. I love your winter whites tabletop. That Homer Laughlin teapot is very pretty.

    Not sure I'm too keen on the possible snow. ;-)

  4. I like it. I still have a fake tree in my office and have been hanging words on it. I is all silver with little stars. I like word decorations and just could pack them away quite yet.

  5. Gerri, these teapots are just miniature ones I found in Florida about a year ago. Here's a link to a photo of them at a different angle, plus one of the photos shows the infuser inside the larger one:

  6. Great idea! I love winter white dishes and ornnaments. The only problem for me is that it makes me feel cold. So I'm sticking with the tartan plaids until things warm up! As for the snow- bring it on!! LOL!

  7. Very Pretty! My fingers are crossed for some Newnan snow!!

  8. Ilove your stuff, but this is the 10th, yes TENTH day of snow, although it is so pathetic there is only about 6". Still, there's no sun. However, there is a new teacup and 2 packages of tea in the mail!!!!!

  9. What a pretty display! We might get an inch or 2 of snow tomorrow too. So we are keeping out fingers crossed.

  10. Oh I think you can keep it up all year round. Decorate it differently for the seasons and holiday with different garlands and ribbons/pearls and voila, it's doable all year! You got some lovely pieces there missy! Lurve it!


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