Thursday, January 14, 2010

Free teapot fabrics

My favorite shopping is "free" shopping, and that's what I did with these two new teapot print fabrics. Last year, after a couple of years of purchases, I finally earned one of those frequent shopper gift cards at my local quilt shop. I'd been hoarding that $20 card like crazy waiting on the perfect use, and this week I found it: new teapot fabrics!

In the quilting world they call this "building your stash," so I guess I am "building my stash" of tea-themed fabrics. I bought a yard each of the red and the blue, and I love them even more knowing they were free!

The store had just gotten these in, I'm told, and they were located near some of those thirties and forties reproduction prints I love. I'm grateful for selvages which tell me that Susie Osburn of Blank Quilting was the designer. Now, what to make with these pretty pieces is the question. Should I save these for a special project in each color, or should I go ahead and cut a small square for a "one day" quilt containing a piece of every tea print fabric I've collected? Decisions, decisions ...


  1. That is a pretty teapot fabric. I'd like to make pillowcases with the large teapot print, with their cuffs in the co-ordinating small print.

    I'll be checking at my local quilt shop to see if they carry this fabric. Thanks.

  2. Love the fabric! You could make a tea cozy or two. Or, just keep your stash until you find the perfect project.

  3. What pretty fabric. I've not seen that print before. I like the vintage "feel" it has.

  4. I know you didn't ask my opionion...but...LOL.... I think you have to keep a square from each for your "one day" quilt or you will always remember the cute fabric you didn't keep.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  5. That is a tough decision to be sure. I love the idea of saving a little piece from all your fabrics Angela, because you have the ability to spot a tea theme a mile away, so I'm sure you will have loads of gorgeous fabric to work with. But jeez, on the other hand, those fabrics are so cute I'd be dying to make something right away... I think they'd make super cute kitchen curtains. Bright & cheerful & kitchy! Love it!

    Have a fabulous day!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kind words in the comments over at Feeling Stitchy, that was incredibly sweet of you! Angela, you rock!

  6. Cute prints! Let us know what you decide. I would have a difficult time deciding.

  7. I think a one day quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I say go for both! How did I miss this post yesterday? Oh, this is the cutest fabric & good for you forging on until you got to get it free!

  9. That is so cute! Love the price too! Check this tea fabric out... it's from a UK site but maybe there's some stateside... I love the little dangling teabags!


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