Friday, January 15, 2010

Double Dark Chocolate Maté

Isn't it unfortunate that the abbreviation for Republic of Tea is ROT? "Republic of Tea's Double Dark Chocolate Maté" seemed a bit longish for a title to this blog post, but "ROT's Double Dark Chocolate Maté" just didn't do it for me either! This organic goodie was a freebie from a friend who didn't care for it, but my taste buds thought it was a nice little liquid chocolate treat.

It's described as "Antioxidant-Rich, Organic, Natural Dark Cocoa Powder blended with Organic, Roasted Yerba Maté Leaves." Are you familiar with yerba maté, that infusion favored by the Argentinians which is often drunk in a gourd with a bombilla? It's not a true tea but, as with herbal teas, is often sold in tea shops and other places which offer tea. It's a very different taste with an almost rum-like scent, but when I get in a "tea rut" I like to mix things up with a cup of yerba mate.

The one bit of warning I'd offer is this: My friend had actually left this tin of tea for me in my mailbox at work, so I grabbed it as I was headed to my car at lunchtime one day this week. Curious, I immediately opened the canister and soon had a cloud of cocoa powder dust stirring about me! I placed three teabags on this white sheet of paper so you can see what you're dealing with! My friend said she felt a bit bad about giving me something she didn't much care for (she didn't like the taste or the thinness of the drink), but I am quite happy to try any castoff teas anyone cares to share with me!


  1. I admire your diverse taste for different teas and herbal infusions. I'm afraid I fall into the category of what some people refer to as "tea snobs." I tend to stay with black teas and white teas.

  2. I've read about Yerba Mate, but have never tried it. This Chocolate Mate mix sounds like a nice way to sample it.

    The round bags with escaping powder reminds me of my London Cuppa. Although I enjoy this tea, you can definitely see the fannings.

  3. I would probably agree with your friend. I've tried these chocolate flavored teas before and found them quite bad. I'm glad you're enjoying it though and just remember..... never where white while drinking! LOL

  4. I've only tried Yerba Maté once and didn't care for it. If I can find some sold loose and in small amounts I'll give it another try.
    I'm still on the fence about chocolate teas. Most smell great but don't taste like chocolate when brewed. I am currently drinking a Christmas gift tea that's chocolate and roobis, it does have a hint of chocolate when it's brewed. I wouldn't purchase it but the gift amount is great for a change of pace.

  5. I will have to remember that the next time I have a tea I don't like. I am not a fan of mate', but glad your friend found someone that would enjoy it.


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