Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mint Honey Iced Tea

Even though fall is here, I decided over the weekend that since it was still pretty warm here in Georgia it would be OK to try one more iced tea. Besides, it's October before it really starts to *feel* like fall anyway. Have any of you tried this tea from Mary-Lake Thompson Ltd.?

This Mint Honey Iced Tea is a product I've seen a few times before but refrained from trying. It was on sale at a quilt store in Marietta the other day, so I decided the time was right for sampling. (And since this design is printed on fabric, I simply can't bring myself to throw it away. Maybe I can work it into a tea-themed project one day ...)

For some reason I was expecting this to be iced tea mix, but inside the package were four giant teabags for brewing four cups of tea each. The ingredients include organic spearmint, organic dried honey and organic lemon myrtle. I really enjoyed the cool, minty flavor of the iced tea I made, although I did decide to add sweetener to my glass of tea. This is not the sort of thing I would normally buy for myself, but if I come across it again I just may have to get some as gifts for tea-loving friends.


  1. Well that does sound good. And though I prefer mint flavors in warm weather, I do believe i would enjoy this one right now. Here in Asheville fall has finally arrived with some brisk days. But i imagine we will still have a few warm days sprinkled in here and there.

  2. Mmm, honey & mint sound good together... why didn't I ever think of that? The packaging is very pretty, the illustration reminds me of Susan Branch's work, which I love. I'd save that label too... maybe make it into a doorknob sachet? Thanks for sharing!

  3. They sound delicious and I can't wait to see what project you come up with for the fabric/

  4. That is pretty packaging. Maybe you could sew it into a fabric bookmark. I know whatever you use it for, it will be unique.

  5. I really like the packaging! My sister gave me an ice tea package like that in that it had the different tea bags sized for iced tea. It was a very nice gift.

    As for autumn, the colors were changing up here as soon as September arrived. We still aren't in our full autumn glory, but the drives are beautiful out in the country where we live. I hope you get to enjoy your Fall as well!


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