Monday, September 28, 2009

A Literary Tea with Haywood Smith

There is much to praise about the community in which I live, and one of the qualities I most admire about Coweta County is its commitment to public libraries. In 2008, we celebrated the opening of the brand new Central Library, above. And just last week, a former Carnegie Library downtown (circa 1904) wrapped up months of renovations with a grand re-opening and is now serving as a reading room/library once more thanks to local preservationists. On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of visiting the Central Library for a Literary Tea with Georgia author Haywood Smith, whose books include "Queen Bee of Mimosa Branch," "The Red Hat Club," "The Red Hat Club Rides Again" and "Wedding Belles."

One of Haywood's books was reviewed (favorably) by one of our writers in a recent issue of Newnan-Coweta Magazine, and I purchased her newest book, "Ladies of the Lake," and look forward to reading it. Haywood, shown here, told tales related to her husband of 30 years leaving her for a stripper, as well as the unexpected blessing of getting bitten by a rabid raccoon last year. (The resulting treatment cured her arthritis, and she is pain-free for the first time in years. Imagine!) Since I haven't yet read her books I don't know yet if I'm a fan of her work (although I fully expect to be), but I can definitely say I'm a fan of her!

The Literary Tea is free to the public, believe it or not, so I happily sampled some of the tea they had prepared ...

... and nibbled on finger sandwiches ...

... and tiny little savories ...

... and cream puffs and pecan tassies, all while a most delightful author entertained the audience (and perhaps unknowingly encouraged this aspiring novelist!).

Getting to spend the afternoon at a new library, enjoying some new tea foods, meeting a few new tea friends ... I ask you, does it get any better than that?


  1. That looks like a great new library. What fun - a Literary Tea with Haywood Smith. I met her at a Red Hat tea and she is very funny and interesting. She was wearing the most flamboyant red hat topped with huge butterflies.

    I've read her books and enjoyed them.

  2. Libraries and free tea parties? Oh my, it sound perfect! My kind of heaven! :-) What a wonderful day.

    How big is your greater town/city/county area?

  3. Meeting a few new tea, it doesn't get any better than that. --Teaternity

  4. When my life slows down...........
    I hope to partake in some of Newnan's happenings.....I haven't even made it to the tea room..... alas, woe is me. LOL!!!

  5. Dear Angela, (aka: 'My Tea Adviser...')

    What a wonderful post: through your writing, I felt like I made it to this tea! You are wonderful to share your thoughts and visits with us - it is much appreciated. I still haven't made it to the new tea room yet, but I am hoping too, soon. Thanks again, Joanie

  6. Ooooooh aspiring author yourself! Well actually I'm not surprised, aren't we all when it comes to blogging! You already have a fan club too. I call first dibs in your book line! ha ha By the way, those treats look so yummy! Thanks for sharing and have a great day!


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