Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy first day of fall!

Finally, fall has arrived, and I have been quite ready for it! A few days ago, my friend and colleague Deberah came back from a lunchtime shopping trip and gave me a bag of wonderfully scented potpourri. If this were a scratch-n-sniff screen (and some futurists predict it will be, someday), you would be able to catch a whiff of orange peel, cinnamon and those spicy scents of fall. Do you smell it yet? Ahhh ...

Another of the spices I associate with fall is ginger, because nothing seems to warm a cold throat or soothe a sore one like a ginger flavored tea. This weekend, I used a T.J. Maxx gift certificate to get some "free" Orange Ginger Mint tea from David Rio Fine Teas. (That's $5.99 if you don't happen to have a T.J. Maxx discount.)

I've had this particular brand of tea only once before, a pear blend I believe came from Williams-Sonoma. The tube canister tells you to measure half a lid of loose tea.

Once steeped, this lovely caffeine-free tea was simply divine! I could taste the orange AND the mint AND the beloved ginger, making this the perfect tea to welcome fall.


  1. Wonderful! Oh Thank you for this fall post. This is my favorite season.

  2. Lovely post! Happy first day of fall.

  3. That tea sounds good - I love ginger (candied and fresh). What a perfect cup and saucer to use for a fall tea.

  4. I too finally am glad to see Autumn arrive. I have been hesitant over it but now am READY. I redid the entire house yesterday in all Autumn decor, had a cup of constant comment, lit a pumpkin scented candle and am loving it this morning!!!! Thanks for the beautiful pictures and the tea info.
    Lots o' love,

  5. I like you fall teacup. Fall potpouri sounds lovely.Enjoy!


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