Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Debbie Mumm tea fabric giveaway!

It's hard to believe I've been yammering on about tea for 700 posts, but as of today that's how many posts Blogger is telling me I've got. I've learned so much from my time in blogland, and made so many wonderful new friends both at home and abroad, that I thought "700" was a good time to host a giveaway. So today, I'm offering up two yards of Debbie Mumm tea prints, one yard each of these two designs.

First is a tan and mossy green print with teacups. I love the teabag tags on the cups, proving these are "tea" cups and not "coffee" cups.

And to really get you in the mood for fall, there's a lovely coordinating print that's predominantly orange and green. If you're not into sewing, surely you could use the fabric for scrapbooking, or no-sew crafts, or even as your first "re-giftable" item for the fast approaching Christmas season!

So, if you'd like to win these two yards of fabric, simply tell me what's the last craft you made. And if you haven't made one in so many years you can't even remember, just say so and you'll still be entered to win! Good luck -- and thanks to all you tea friends I've made along the way!

UPDATE ON WINNER: Congrats to Sandra, winner of the fabric! Enjoy!


  1. Now how did I miss this cute Debbie Mumm fabric - I've never seen it before. I love both these patterns and the tea words and colors are great.

    My last craft was sewing. I finished a quilt top on Saturday that features two fabrics that contain teapots and cups and saucers.

  2. Last week, using hot pink and purple tulle left over from birthday party decorations, I made a tutu for my 4 year-old granddaughter.

    Would love to try something with the tea themed fabric.

  3. I am in the process of decoupaging tea bag wrappers to a wooden tray.
    Last sewing project-drapes for den.

  4. I have been placing all the blue wrappers that cover the newspaper inside a blue wrapper. It can be carried around and used for a make do glove. Not pretty, but useful. Is that a craft?

  5. I've not seen those fabrics before. Love them. Are they a new line by Debbie Mumm?

    The latest project I made was this weekend. My son's first birthday is on Thursday. I'm embroidering some t-shirts for him. I've finished 1 and have 2 more to do. Before he was born last year I found an awesome deal on an introductory embroidery machine via Amazon. I only used it once or twice before he was born and hadn't used it since. So I'm having to relearn how to use it. I've been sewing forever but this is my first venture into embroidery.

  6. Another find, thank you Angela!

    My last craft was gluing sea-shells around a mirror frame - fun!
    And, a "tea update, at a convenience store:"

    The Q-T in Marietta, near White Water Park, had some 'Fizzing Fruit Tea,' at their soda bar. It was delicious! It was fizzy and had some blueberry flavors in it. The Q-T's have also updated their sandwiches and brownies: good 'wheat berry bread' and delicious brownie bars. (We split them, they are that big!)

    Thanks for a wonderful blog site & congratulations on '700!' Joanie

  7. Congratulations on 700 blog posts! That is amazing and all on tea.

    My last craft was sewing the pillowcase pockets for gift wrapping. Now I really don't want to win the fabric, I have too much as it is. So don't put my name in the drawing.

    Have a happy day!

  8. Congratulations on number 700!!! I've loved them all!
    My latest craft project is making hanging 3 tier teacup bird feeders from vintage melmac.
    I hope to send you one...I am currently looking for some old melmac with pink rose designs that don't cost a fortune! Seems you are not alone in your pursuit of pink roses!
    Anybody out there have any to sell?

  9. My last craft was a turtle and a frog made out of old clay flower pots for the porch garden!

  10. Oh, how cute! I was sorely tempted by this recently!! My latest craft has been some writings...but beyond that, a cute little skirt for my 2-yr-old niece.

  11. Oooo, these are pretty! I LOVE fall colors, reminds me of my wedding... Please enter me in your give away Angela. Thank you for your comments on my little pot holder *big smile* Believe it or not, having just completed it on Sunday, the pot holder isn't even the last craft I finished! Yesterday I made my first real garment, a simple batik skirt! I'll hopefully post about that tonight.

    p.s. Congratulations!! 700 is a lot of posts!! We love your "yammering" :o)~

  12. Wow! 700 posts! I am currently in the middle of crochet a long sweater for myself. My goal is to have it done by Thanksgiving. We'll see!

    Congrats on #700. I love checking your blog out and learning all the tidbits you have to share! :)

  13. Now I don't know if this qualifies as a craft, but I did make plum orange conserve (a type of jam) last night and that goes really well with toast or scones and tea! That fabric would make great napkins or placemats for a tea party.
    Congratulations on your 700th post.

  14. 700 posts! Wow! I am impressed. My last craft... oh my! In an earlier life I was a crafty gal. Not so any more! The last craft I made that comes to mind was in a beading class. I made a book mark I use in my Bible. I promptly gave all my beading tools to my daughter who started a successful beading business! I'm sure I could think of something tea-lightful to make from your pretty fabric!

  15. Cute print! Humh, do dresses count in the craft catagory? If not then the last real "craft" was a new candle holder I made last week from a broken lamp and an old teacup & saucer. I'll post on it today perhaps.

  16. PS Forgot to mention- don't use me in the drawing toooooo much fabric as it is and also !!!CONGRATS!!! On the 700 posts- incredible!

  17. I made some a cloth penguin cover for my office printer to keep out dust. Thank you!

    lynne at fairpoint dot net

  18. I've been cutting our pictures for a toddler alphabet book. And I'm crazy about tea and this Debbie Mumm fabric.


  19. Love all the tea words on the fabric! The last craft I COMPLETED was a knitted capelet that I exhibited at the county fair. The judges thought the yarn was too busy for the pattern (they were right) and it didn't fit me very well, so it's destined to be a christmas gift for someone with smaller shoulders. :)

  20. The last project finished was a quilt. But I'm thinking I'd love to make a cute purse with these fabrics, if I were to win. But a quilt would also be lovely too.

    I had not seen these prints previously, but I do love Debbie Mumm. These tea fabrics are simply delightful!


  21. I finished some fabric postcards last night.

    This is my first visit to your blog and I could love it. We are tea "entusiasts" and easily can offer you a cup of any of at least 30 varieties of tea any time you drop by!

  22. Love that fabric. I've never seen it before. I am new to your blog but I can tell I'm gonna be back often.

    I finally broke down and made a tote bag. That was my last craft.


  23. A cold glass of tea is the best on a hot day! A nice tablerunner made with these tea fabrics would look terrific.

    This week I finished a small donation quilt and make a pillowcase for a friend.

  24. Oh I love these fabrics. Thanks for the chance to win them.

    My most recent project is a quilt top...large wall hanging size. I just finished the piecing.

  25. Love the tea fabric! how much fun!

    The last craft I completed was a bulletin board for my mom...fabric..ribbons. and staple gun!!

    (always working on a craft, when not working on my longarm, or taking care of the boys!)

    thanks for the chance to win!

  26. My last item was baby burpies. They turned out too darling.

  27. I like that fabric! My last project (on going) is a BOM from of our LQS's. My actual last COMPLETED project was 2 friendship bags and an extra large (6x6x4) pin cushion for a PAY IT FORWARD I was involved in. I guess I'd better start my appliqué project now, March will be here before I know it!

    Thanks for the Give away!

  28. Oh wow what a great giveaway. The last craft I made was a card I made with scraps of fabric. Congrats on your 700 posts! Thanks for including me in your giveaway :-)

  29. Oh, my!
    Since I retired from teaching, I've gotten back into sewing in a very big way... which I love!
    I'm making all my gifts this year!... from diaper bags, totes and purses, quilts, all kinds of little zippered bags (like coin purses or cosmetic bags), and covered/quilted notebooks and journals!
    I never got away from my crocheting and knitting, though... That has always been something I keep in my purse at all times... Waiting in lines, or at appointments has never been a problem... but an *opportunity* to enjoy a little creative fiber fun! (I recently had a long wait at the DMV to renew my driver's license... but I *enjoyed* the chance to pick up my crochet project... a pretty little baby wash cloth!)
    Good question, beautiful gift!
    Patricia T.

  30. Hello!!!, I love your fabrics, I'm a tea fan, your fabrics are just gorgeous!. Well I have to say my last craft was an apron I made for my mom, I put a picture of her modeling the apron to the camara, ( http://arlette0521.blogspot.com/ )she looks really sweet and she's happy I made that to her :). The apron is blue and have some appliqued flowers, I loved the way it turned it out. Congratulations in your 700th blog posts!

  31. Oh, how cute! I was sorely tempted by this recently!


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