Monday, January 5, 2009

Winter Whites & Teaware

Elsewhere around the country there seems to be no shortage of snow, but here in Georgia the only white stuff we're seeing is fog and rain. Now I have to have "projects" to see me through the winter doldrums that can so easily beset us with this less-than-cheery weather, and so the other day I removed most of the Christmas decorations and set about rearranging our dining table (extra leaf removed 'til the holidays return). I decided these "Christmasy" decorations could be edited a bit to make them merely "wintery." (And less junky, now that I look back at the earlier effort! But do doubleclick the top photo if you like this sort of stuff ...)

And here's the result. I love the little bottle brush trees, the glass bell jar ornaments, the felted church building, the little cream colored vintage teapot.

For dining purposes, I'm mixing and matching "creamware" pieces I already owned (the reticulated plates) and some I received from my mom for Christmas (pretty cream colored tea mugs, sugar bowl and creamer. Have you done any New Year's decorating with things you got for Christmas?


  1. Having spent most of my life in the Great White North, I am happy to be here in Georgia with no snow. I really like your new dining table arrangement and your lovely creamware pieces. I still enjoy seeing my Edme pattern creamware pop up in magazines and decorating books every once in a while.

  2. A belated Happy New Year, Angela! I love your new "Winter White" arrangement, and boy does your Mom have a great eye. Your new cup, sugar, and creamer are just lovely. Could you share with us where she found them?

  3. That's a very clever approach! I, too, try to find ways of staying cheerful in the new year, and it often includes a change up in the house.

  4. Hi Karen! Mom did leave part of the sticker on these, and they are apparently from HomeGoods. If anyone sees a matching teapot, holler! I'll just bet there's one "out there."

    And now I have to go look up ParTea Lady's "Edme" creamware!

  5. Hi Angela,
    Your tablescapes are just lovely!I don't think you overdid either of them. It's fun interchanging pieces and seeing how different each one looks.


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