Friday, January 23, 2009

White Tea Body Soak

You brave souls who live north of the Mason-Dixon line may have your cold weather back, as I am quite weary of it! We should see a return to more civilized temperatures in the fifties and sixties in the coming days, but in the meantime I am keeping lip balm, facial moisturizers and hand creams at the ready. And this week's skin-softening find? This White Tea Body Soak.

I found this Village Naturals Bath Shoppe product at Publix earlier this week, and at $3.49 for a huge, 31-ounce canister, this is a great "cheap luxury." It also comes in a bottle of foaming milk bath, but I chose the blend of dead sea salts, vitamins and minerals. I checked the ingredient panel this time (having bought one too many products merely "inspired" by tea), and yes, camellia sinensis leaf extract is indeed an ingredient here.

To use, you simply toss a handful of these salts in the bath and swish them around to dissolve. The bath soak has a pleasant floral scent from the jasmine extract, and I highly recommend it with a hot bath as a pleasant way to end your evening. Or begin your weekend!


  1. This sounds like a great product, with a reasonable price. I enjoy a relaxing hot bath each evening and dream of one day having the luxury of a special soaking tub. I'll look for the Village Naturals White Tea Body Soak next time I'm at my local Publix.

  2. I also tend to buy any product that says "tea" on it. Plus, I got totally sold on products with Dead Sea Salts when we visited the Dead Sea. While some of the folks were swimming or "relaxing" in the extreme heat, a friend and I opted for the beauty products demonstration. Enjoy your bath!!!

  3. Hmmm... hot bath... sea salts... tea extract... What a delightful combination! I could sure use one right about now!

  4. Wow ! That is a great price ! I hot tea bath sounds divine:)


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