Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Republic of Tea Catalogue No. 108

Ever since I was a young girl I have enjoyed having "good" mail arrive in my mailbox each day. That can mean a personal letter (rare these days), a favorite magazine or even simply a good catalog. In fact, my husband says I enjoy looking at catalogs so much, next Christmas he is just going to skip the gift and wrap up a bunch of catalogs for me. Considering the current economy, that might be a good idea for him to tuck away! But for now I am enjoying "armchair shopping" from the latest Republic of Tea catalog (or "catalogue," as they put it).

One plus of being on RoT's mailing list is that they always include a free sample of tea with the catalog, in this case their Daily Green Round Tea Bag. The tea was enjoyable and would indeed make a good daily green tea, especially for the office since it's in teabag form. I also like the fact they polybag their catalog, which means it arrives at your house all nice and neat. It has a nice quality of paper stock, too, so RoT definitely gets points for their presentation. I think they have more teas available than ever before, and I definitely see some new flavors I'd like to try, such as Pink Lemonade Green Tea. Doesn't that sound perfect for spring and summer?

While for everyday tea drinking I like to drink out of bone china tea mugs and teacups, preferably with pink roses on them, I realize not all tea drinkers like such feminine accoutrements. For that reason, I am especially glad this company offers such a wide array of teawares in traditional Chinese and Japanese designs. I think I would be perfectly comfortable sipping tea from their lovely Waves cup, or preparing tea in an iron pot with a Pine Needles design. But you know what item I most want to try next? It's their Stir Fry Tea Oil. Any of you tea-loving cooks tried it yet? If so, what did you think?


  1. How fun that they send samples. That alone would be worth the wait! I'm curious about the oil. Let me know what you do with it when you get it.

  2. I know what you mean about the mail. My husband thinks it's funny when I sigh and say "oh, it's not a good mail day" meaning no catalogs, magazines or books have arrived.

    I'd like to try the Daily Green Tea. I'll use the link you provided and see if I can get on the Republic of Tea catalog mailing list.

  3. I had a bottle of the tea oil several years ago. I recall that it was very light - and didn't smoke when I used it for stir fry. I enjoyed it.


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