Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New cookies, new math

Have you ever sampled Byrd Cookie Company cookies? They are pretty famous here in Georgia where they are made (Savannah), and perhaps best known are the delicious Key Lime Cooler cookies. I have been the happy recipient of several tins of these over the years, and when I saw they had come out with Red Tea Cookies I wanted to try them. I was in a store over the weekend and saw the box of cookies was marked 75 percent off (regular price: $5), so I decided these were worth trying. (The sales clerk had a time figuring out what 75 percent off of $5 was and didn't believe me when I told her the cookies should be $1.25. Fortunately, a supervisor came along and told her that was right. "That new math ..." she grumbled. Now there's a term I haven't heard in ages!)

Since these are called Red Tea Cookies (above left and in silver wrapper) I expected them to taste of rooibos tea, and they did not. They taste like they've got finely ground black tea in them. They're not bad, really, they're just not great. (Especially not if you've had those awesome Key Lime Coolers.) Sometimes, it's worth paying full price and simply going for the good quality stuff. This is probably one of those times.

At T.J. Maxx recently, I got the Mint Tea Biscottea (above right), which I enjoyed very much. Not as much as those divine Earl Gray Biscottea cookies I tried a while back, but these were good. And here's a teaser for tomorrow: Do you remember when Bayer Aspirin came in those little metal tins? Tomorrow I'll explain why I'm asking!


  1. Hi Angela,
    I bought some Biscotti from TJ Maxx and enjoyed them - all of them in one sitting I'm ashamed to say- and I also found, another brand of Key Lime Cooler cookies that were very tiny but very good. I forget what the brand was. I enjoy the different teas and treats from TJ Maxx.
    What a shame that today so many people can't do simple math. The register's do all the work so the cashiers don't have any thinking to do.
    And yes, I do remember the small Bayer tins that contained about 10 aspirin- looking forward to why you want to know.

  2. Hi! Maybe they're taking the inspiration from chinese "red" - black tea? Yumm!


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