Thursday, September 4, 2008

Collecting teapots, sort of

Not long ago, I shared a new teapot pin I had found. It was an interesting design of a silver teapot on a shelf, and since some of you liked it I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the other teapot pins I've collected as well. These come from the usual sources (antique malls, eBay, Etsy), and I've been pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive these are to find, some for as little as $3, and so far none more than $12, and that one was sterling silver. This gold one blooming with pearl and rhinestone flowers is one of my favorites.

These two silver ones are rather classic looking, I think, and I can see these popping up on sweaters a lot this fall and winter. The one on the right is the sterling silver one I found on Etsy, but I've seen this exact pin on eBay a lot lately. The circular one has a sort of sixties vibe, and I've worn it on a short sleeved, lightweight pink sweater this summer.

These are both rather gaudy, but I like them anyway. Think pink!

Another favorite is this vintage pin with red cabochons and clear rhinestones. Some of the gold has a purplish cast to it. I don't know if that's the original finish or if it's some sort of tarnish, but I like it anyway.

And finally, I already had these earrings when I found the matching pin. A cute set, no?


  1. Love your collection of teapot pins! I've never found a teapot pin when I've looked in antique and consignment stores around here, but I'm going to keep looking! You've inspired me, once again.

  2. That is a nice collection of pins. I have some pins that are a bit heavy for sweaters and blouses, so I pin them to my tearoom hats.

  3. Your pins are wonderful! I really enjoyed seeing them all.

    Best wishes!

  4. Beautiful collection.
    i just added a link to you from my teapot blog.
    All good wishes

  5. What a great collection of teapot pins. I have never seen them before. Obviously I shop at all the wrong places.

  6. Somehow I missed this post! I love your collection - they are all so unique. I have many tea pot pins, but not nearly as vintage as the ones you have found. The hunt is on!


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