Thursday, September 25, 2008

A different type of "Sun Tea"

"Sun" with "Tea" on top. Sun Tea? OK, maybe not, but the idea is still intriguing.

These two Farberware tea infusers were at my local Publix the other day for $2.99 each. I was surprised to see two new tea infuser designs and also to see them for such a good price, not the $5-10 I'd expect these to sell for at a gift shop.

These would be great tea party favors, and if you attached one to a tin of tea I think it would make a nice Christmas gift as well. Speaking of Christmas, I'll be working on some Christmas-related crafts later today, and if the results are any good, I'll share some with you tomorrow. (They will, of course, be tea-related!)

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  1. Those are quite cute! Tho I think they don't make very good tea (the tea can't move). But wouldn't they make a great Christmas tree decoration?


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