Friday, September 26, 2008

Feeling punchy

As I watched the back-and-forth bickering in Washington over the bailout package last night, I couldn't help thinking one of my no-nonsense mommy friends needs to step in, tell the children to go to their room, and don't come out until the two of you have decided to get along. I don't want to hear who started it or whose fault it is; just make it right. Last night the politicians all made me so ill that I decided to go punch some ... tags! And I used these two punches, which are some Old Faithful craft supplies from my stash.

The Multi Tags Scallop Punch is from McGill Craftivity, and I've made many a tag with this thing. Here, I made a 3x5-inch Christmas package tag that spells "TEA" and will no doubt be used on a gift for one of my many tea friends this Christmas.

The second tag uses cutouts made with a punch from Punch Bunch. I bought this at a scrapbooking store years ago for $14, as I recall. It seemed expensive at the time for a simple punch, but I have used this thing so many, many times since then that I've certainly gotten my money's worth out of it. I've used it to make greeting cards, and I've also punched out just the teapot and used it on placecards at tea parties. One thing I love about making these tags is that I already own everything needed to make them (papers, brads, ribbons), so I am actually being crafty and thrifty all at the same time. Now, let's see ... is there anything else I need to go punch?


  1. Your tags are quite beautiful. I especially like the pink and green (my favorite color combo).I don't do scrap booking or stuff like this, but everytime I see something this nice I want to. Great job.
    (P.S. I've been YELLING at the T.V. & radio - punching sounds so much better!:)

  2. Love your tags, Angela. I have several teapot and cup and saucer punches, but I've never seen the one from Punch Bunch. I hope I can find one somewhere.

    Once again you have inspired me. I will have to start digging into my huge stash and get busy.

  3. Those are lovely tags! Sorry to have been out of touch for so long. Our moving date keeps getting pushed back, so I have been busy with that. Best wishes to you! Frivolitea.

  4. Lovely! I have some tea puches but have never seen these.

  5. I love those craft punches! I've never seen these tea-styled ones before, but now I am on the lookout!

  6. I love those tags! I think I need to look for those punches. Thanks for sharing!


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