Monday, September 15, 2008

A Week of Teatime Quotes

(Please note: Tea With Friends is on vacation this week, so please check back next Monday to see what tea adventures we manage to discover during this time! Meanwhile, I'll be pre-blogging some favorite tea quotes, so at least there will be SOMETHING new here in case you decide to visit anyway. Have a great week!)

"It's not the tea ... that makes teatime special, it's the spirit of the tea party. It's what happens when women or men or children make a place in their life for the rituals of sharing. It's what happens when we bother with the little extras that feed the soul and nurture the senses and make space for unhurried conversation. And when that happens, it doesn't really matter what fills the cups or holds the liquid. It really isn't the tea. It's the spirit of the tea party."

-- Emilie Barnes, "If Teacups Could Talk"


  1. Have a great holiday, Angela. I'm looking forward to a week of quotes. I love quotations!!


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