Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Shabby Chic Moroccan Tea Glass

Oh, happy day! The Shabby Chic store has finally opened at Lenox Mall in Atlanta, and since I was there Monday I stopped by and was immediately smitten by the lovely, lovely job they have done on this store. Several years ago my friend Sandra graciously taped Rachel's TV shows for me (I couldn't get them at the time), and I have watched those things 'til I have memorized Rachel's topics and tips. Her simple, clean, light-filled decor greatly appeals to me. In her lovely British accent she made tea a regular topic on her shows (it's featured in her books as well), and I wondered if the new store would carry any tabletop pieces related to tea.

Indeed yes! They have pretty pink and clear glass plates, glasses and tidbit trays, but the piece that caught my eye on Monday was this sweet little (4-inch tall) Moroccan tea glass. I had always wondered: Can you really drink tea out of these things? Doesn't the glass get too hot? I made a glass of chai in my tea glass, and by the time it cooled to the point I like to drink it, the glass was perfectly fine to the touch. And I love knowing it's a Shabby Chic glass! (FYI: I googled and learned that the Moroccans would actually be drinking green tea, but oh well. We have to start somewhere.) My other find was a 6-1/2-inch tall bottlebrush Christmas tree under a glass dome. Very Shabby Chic, no?

It was also fun to discover that Abby, who was working the front of the store, is a Newnanite whom I'd met while writing a story about her historic home some years ago. Then, I learned the store manager, Tiffany, used to live in Newnan as well. Would I like for them to call me when Rachel pays a visit to the Atlanta store (for which she personally selects some of the decor, by the way)? YES! And if the welcoming committee wants a hand preparing tea for Rachel, I am so there!


  1. Dear Angela, I just found your blog and am enjoying your posts. Thank you for having a lovely place to visit. I have a question about cocoa. For those family and friends who do not appritiate tea I would like to find a nice hot cocoa with pure ingredients to give them as gifts. Any suggestions??? Thanks again for lovely work. tammyp

  2. Thanks for the kind comments, Tammy, but I'm afraid I know nothing about fine cocoa! I personally think that Swiss Miss stuff with the mini-mallows is just great during winter, so that tells you I probably ought to expand my cocoa tasting experience! (Any cocoa lovers want to help us out here?)

  3. Thank you Angela, A friend gave me some S.M. cocoa when she loaned me a movie. I have been enjoying it in the evening. I heard William Sonoma was good BUT its a bit pricey for me right now. I would love to know from other readers about thier gifty cocoa selections, especially if on the more economical and natural side. Thank you again, I am really enjoying visiting with you each day. tammyp

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