Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Needle Point Cup & Saucer

This is it for the year. I'm out. Alllll teacupped out.

But the day I got my Christmas bonus at work, I found this vintage jewel and took it as A Sign. Where am I going to put it? Well, I'm actually sipping tea out of it these days, but a little reorganizing of the tea cabinet and I can always squeeze in another teacup or two.

I love needlepoint (and all kinds of needlework), and roses and teacups. So how could I NOT add this to my collection, especially since it was pretty inexpensive? And the pattern is so large and clear, this could actually be used as a pattern for needlepoint or cross-stitch. But this is it for my teacup collecting for the year, unless someone points me to that one elusive Wedgwood cup and saucer set I've wanted for years. That would be the only exception. Any teacups bought as gifts, of course, do not count against me. (In case someone else wants to add this pattern to their wish list: The pattern is Needle Point -- two words, not "needlepoint" -- and it is by Royal Albert.)


  1. I've not seen this pattern before, but I understand how it could be tempting. I like it. If I came across it, I would buy it too.

    Speaking of tea cup/pot collecting, how to you store or display your collection? I would love some kind of shelf (like you see in antique stores but have no idea where to find such an item. My collection is either in my china cabinet or under the buffet.

  2. How pretty! This is a new pattern to me - and so distinctive. Thanks for sharing!


  3. I agree it is quite lovely. I found out it has two distinctive production series. One was in 1927 with the footed "Countess" shape, and then again post WW2 in the "Malvern" shape which is the one you have.
    I have a trio set of the c. 1927 version that I have available for purchase if any of your readers are interested. You could check out some of the pictures at at this address:


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