Monday, November 19, 2007

By request: More scenes from the dinner

Well ... I thought perhaps I was going a little too "off-topic" with the tablesettings (although they DO include teacups), but since some of you appear to be interested, here are a few more pics from my friend's church's Christmas Traditions dinner!

First, a better photo of those pretty Tiara green dishes on the table. (I don't think they were quite through setting up when I snapped these, thus the place card holders don't have the placecards in them yet.) Still, you can see a little more detail.

And check out this purple table with the wonderful golden iridescent dishes. There's a name for those, but for the life of me I can't think of it. (Help! Anyone?)

And look at this table ... even the chairs are costumed just for the event!


  1. I've always called iridescent dishes Carnival Glass. Is that what you were thinking of? I don't know if that's correct or not. :-)
    Thanks for sharing more photos.

  2. After your comment I decided to Google a bit, and what I'm coming up with is Peach Lustre (or Luster) Fire-King. What do you think? (I'm trying not to "lust" over them too much ...)

  3. Angela, I think you are correct. I found this random site
    and it looks like your photo.

  4. Yes! And did you notice that a cup and saucer is just $7.50? Hmmm ... (!)

  5. Wow. The table settings are gorgeous. What fun it is to see them all!


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